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25 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
@telegram_164674875:feneas.orgFriendly Fake SnowDen
In reply to Ábel
Hasn't this been there for a while? I came to know about RISC-V from this mentioned in the LTT video.
Yeah sure it's been there for quite a while
28 Jun 2020
@telegram_711944213:feneas.orgNoneHello friends08:58:03
@telegram_711944213:feneas.orgNoneCan you please suggest some good material to study memory management unit?08:58:30
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In reply to None
Can you please suggest some good material to study memory management unit?
@telegram_1072825028:feneas.orgMarcelofor sure very old, but it is a good starting point! ☺️15:02:10
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29 Jun 2020
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@telegram_188232603:feneas.orgMarcoI have to do an assembly pratical exam on a risc V platform, i know commands and all things but i would really appreciate a pratical guide with examples and solved exercise for practice15:10:14
@telegram_188232603:feneas.orgMarcoSorry for bad english 😁15:10:25
@telegram_188232603:feneas.orgMarcoI looked on yt, reddit etc but i did not found anything15:11:21
@telegram_188232603:feneas.orgMarcoFor example a PDF with exercises,solution and comments would be perfect15:11:57
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30 Jun 2020
@telegram_164674875:feneas.orgFriendly Fake SnowDen https://www.efabless.com/design_catalog/asic_platform/116 05:58:21
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1 Jul 2020
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2 Jul 2020
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3 Jul 2020
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