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12 Dec 2019
17:20:26@ff777:matrix.orgFF777they are just borrowing your stuff okay?? totally not STEALING IT FOR EVER
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You had me at the begining
17:32:22@ff777:matrix.orgFF777from 2013.. But still, pretty sure obama was illegitimate president since 2 different indepenent places analyzed his birth certificate and found it was forged, and of course no one remembers obama from the schools he supposedly went to..
17:32:47@ff777:matrix.orgFF777only reason they would have to forge birth certificate is if his real one wouldn't have allowed him to become US president
18:14:16@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐 Any redpilled movie suggestions?
18:16:55@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐ima_19e6e3a.jpeg
18:39:55@ff777:matrix.orgFF777m.video Event
20:08:37@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐I survived the holohaux where can I get my reparations?
20:12:20@ff777:matrix.orgFF777my great-grand parents were in the holohoax.......can me and my kids have reparations for our entire lives? thanks
20:12:25@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 * my great-grand parents were in the holohoax.......can me and my kids have reparations for our entire lives? thanks
23:18:12@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐 changed their display name from oyveythegoyimknow-shekels to Oy Vey, The Goyim Know 卐.
13 Dec 2019
04:00:10@iamastriker:matrix.org@iamastriker:matrix.org left the room.
04:16:52@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐 changed their display name from Oy Vey, The Goyim Know 卐 to 卐 Auschwitz 卐.
10:42:52@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie SheenRedacted or Malformed Event
10:43:09@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie SheenRedacted or Malformed Event
10:43:26@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheenimage.png
10:43:35@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheensource
10:43:37@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheen?
10:43:44@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie SheenI fucking hate riot
14:32:58@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐
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sent an image.
14:33:18@oyveythegoyimknow-shekels:matrix.org卐 Auschwitz 卐The Jews have shown real genius in profiting by politics. This capitalistic people, which was brought into existence by the unscrupulous exploitation of men, has understood how to get the leadership of the Fourth Estate into its own hands; and by acting both on the Right and on the Left it has its apostles in both camps. On the Right the Jew does his best to encourage all the evils there are to such an extent that the man of the people, poor devil, will be exasperated as much as possibleβ€” greed of money, unscrupulousness, hard- heartedness, abominable snobbishness. More and more Jews have wormed their way into our upper-class families; and the consequence has been that the ruling class has been alienated from its own people.
18:54:59@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheenbasically whenever white people steal anything they're appropriating nig culture
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14 Dec 2019
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15 Dec 2019
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