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4 May 2021
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzz5 should work14:52:18
5 May 2021
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzzThere a thing tonight?00:08:17
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArtI plan on it unless something came up.00:13:46
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArt@room Unofficial Hack Night meeting. Taco Thursday at a Long Beach Taco Bell on Broadway. 3125 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 9080302:25:28
@citricacid:matrix.orgcitricaciddang taco bell02:25:58
@citricacid:matrix.orgcitricacidi found god at this taco bell02:26:15
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArtDollar dollar menu time02:26:18
@citricacid:matrix.orgcitricacidI actually hate taco bell except their breakfast, yuck, lol.02:27:01
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzzfound god in a tomato is a really good song02:27:42
In reply to @trishotzz:matrix.org
found god in a tomato is a really good song
Wow, our music recs are probably really similar, lmao
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArtHow the hacking the "Time to Live" header works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUBfJrOBz0414:36:45
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArtWe talked about this a bit last night but the Hak5 channel published this morning. Neat.14:38:02
6 May 2021
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArt@room This is a reminder about fake mini meetup tonight at 6:30p. You have been warned.19:30:25
7 May 2021
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@citricacid:matrix.orgcitricacidDid anyone go?03:47:47
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzzMe art and Steve were there04:07:47
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArt philosophist trishotzz and myself. Just the three of us. 04:07:58
@citricacid:matrix.orgcitricacidNICE! good turnout, i'd say.04:08:10
@poproar:matrix.orgpoproarAhh, miss you all19:04:12
@poproar:matrix.orgpoproar And how the heck is cowjuicer ? 19:07:09
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzzHe is in the great beyond ......of Vegas 20:49:01
@citricacid:matrix.orgcitricacidLord Cowjuicer of The Vegas20:49:57
12 May 2021
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzzis there a thing tonight?01:21:48
@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArtI'm logging onto Jitsi in a few minutes.01:22:19
13 May 2021
@trishotzz:matrix.orgtrishotzz changed their profile picture.20:41:42

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