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30 Jan 2018
03:16:44@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthurIs there another project you guys want to show off?
2 Feb 2018
01:56:49@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Might be a little late tonight
03:06:06@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck
3 Feb 2018
01:47:31@gitter_philosophist:matrix.orgSteven Parker (Gitter) joined the room.
01:47:31@gitter_philosophist:matrix.orgSteven Parker (Gitter)Anyone up for First Friday tonight?
01:51:11@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Already here
01:59:35@gitter_philosophist:matrix.orgSteven Parker (Gitter) @trishotz Cool. I'll be without my phone, so if you want to meet up, come say hi at Aura Thai. I'm gonna walk down and order food now.
02:00:55@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Nice
20:17:48@gitter_philosophist:matrix.orgSteven Parker (Gitter) @trishotz Got any advice for a broken samsung s7 screen? I need a cheaper option than t-mobile is offering.
7 Feb 2018
01:48:23@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)gonna be a little late tonight, have to pick up my brother
01:49:56@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)And sorry steve, never got the notification for that message, s7? Havent really dont a tear down one those before, if anything you can look up the repair guide on ifixit website, they are pretty good at detailing how to do replacements
01:54:18@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur No worries @trishotz:matrix.org you know we'll be.
02:15:44@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Arthur, can you do me a favor? Can you order me a cheese pizza personal pizza to go?
02:15:46@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Thank you
02:15:50@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Just a $2 one
02:20:33@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthurTotally. How soon?
02:21:10@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)In like 10 min
03:19:24@gitter_poproar:matrix.orgAndrew Thomas (Gitter) set a profile picture.
03:19:24@gitter_poproar:matrix.orgAndrew Thomas (Gitter)where is the scale sign up page?
04:08:19@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthurHere is the signup page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cvJr5FCr_BcOXVkVleyvEW7yN8G3i8zwRmkz9AslceY/edit?usp=sharing
15 Feb 2018
03:58:32@gitter_darrenusc:matrix.orgdarrenusc (Gitter)This could be a fun project to do for Hack Night.
03:58:36@gitter_darrenusc:matrix.orgdarrenusc (Gitter) https://medium.freecodecamp.org/build-your-own-vr-headset-for-100-13d6f2b06385
04:02:13@gitter_darrenusc:matrix.orgdarrenusc (Gitter)Since most of us have smartphones, perhaps Google Cardboard would be a better option.
2 Mar 2018
00:03:27@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter) https://youtu.be/JoHP7YxFdXQ
00:03:39@gitter_trishotz:matrix.orgtrishotz (Gitter)Just a little something to enjoy
00:11:40@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthurThat was an awesome video.
28 Mar 2018
00:17:10@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthurTonight we'll be doing some chats and FAQs about installing the OS and licensing. If you got questions I'll do my best to answer them.
11 May 2018
21:37:07@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur changed their profile picture.
30 Nov 2018
02:54:40@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur changed their profile picture.

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