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12 Apr 2021
@varus0:matrix.orgvarus00. Yes16:22:37
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@cordofjohn:matrix.orgcordofjohnAnyone else tracking rains in Taiwan?19:55:58
13 Apr 2021
@radostyle:matrix.orgradostyleNo are you?03:13:32
@lifelessg:matrix.orglifelessg1. No03:31:42
@lifelessg:matrix.orglifelessg1. No03:31:49
@lifelessg:matrix.orglifelessg1. No03:31:51
@lifelessg:matrix.orglifelessg1. No03:31:53
@little.pony:matrix.orgcowboy1. No03:37:11
@little.pony:matrix.orgcowboy0. Yes03:37:12
@little.pony:matrix.orgcowboy0. Yes03:39:07
@little.pony:matrix.orgcowboy0. Yes03:39:18
@little.pony:matrix.orgcowboy0. Yes03:39:20
@little.pony:matrix.orgcowboy0. Yes03:39:21
@radostyle:matrix.orgradostyle How do trade on Taiwan's lack of rain? 03:42:41
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@cordofjohn:matrix.orgcordofjohnIf you are traiding in tech you should have clear eye on taiwan rains07:18:15
@ga:vinpickl.esGavinIt's a tiny island, be fine 😂 10:23:02
@ga:vinpickl.esGavinBe more concerned about China invading10:23:26
@cordofjohn:matrix.orgcordofjohnIts a tiny island with world most advanced electronic manufacturing fabs that use unbelieveble ammount on fresh water that Taiwan is currently without and water has already been rationed for month11:33:13
@cordofjohn:matrix.orgcordofjohnno fresh water = no chips11:33:41
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia banned @dmvstacks:matrix.org@dmvstacks:matrix.org (trolling).17:40:28
@ninja57:matrix.orgninja57S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 UP UP UP!18:29:01
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14 Apr 2021
@violet_haze:matrix.orgviolet_hazeDoes anyone invest in clean energy ETFs (PBD, ICLN, PBW etc.)? What do you think of PBW perspectives?09:02:55
15 Apr 2021
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17 Apr 2021
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