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22 Dec 2023
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel * now wait 9999 years and they will unite again (with a new friend) 08:06:12
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat 7.3m views on instagram 08:31:18
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat i showed it to my mum and she appreciated it 08:34:04
23 Dec 2023
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. https://youtube.com/shorts/XqkMQJs9mGk?si=Pc6ipgakTbwsDE4k 09:37:11
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel changed their profile picture.09:59:20
24 Dec 2023
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puIImtEIzQc tf lmao 07:26:07
@_discord_302352452949377042:t2bot.iohamsterh joined the room.11:12:25
25 Dec 2023
@_discord_785261846889889832:t2bot.io.bluish. changed their profile picture.00:45:21
@_discord_302352452949377042:t2bot.iohamsterh changed their profile picture.10:08:26
26 Dec 2023
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel https://youtu.be/d6Pcp944sRI?si=wTUq-kLjnHOrD0ET honey new nilred video dropped 05:30:28
@_discord_824893181811359755:t2bot.ioso booooored Ye I've watched it, it's good 06:12:20
@_discord_784399861440184331:t2bot.ioyellowkirbykiller 15:15:01
27 Dec 2023
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeatDownload VID_471470319_201037_897.mp405:40:56
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. LMAO 05:49:16
@_discord_761648127584370709:t2bot.ioevenly.odd what in the eduardo? 06:45:17
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. why is it french but spanish 06:52:58
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat and why is it from an official account 09:01:58
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. is it actually 09:03:56
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat oh yes 09:04:06
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat https://www.instagram.com/kfc.es?igsh=MXZyNmY0OG8wYjVndQ== 09:05:08
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. aur naur 09:05:08
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat Well it's just called @kfc.es 09:05:29
28 Dec 2023
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN those are just comments 03:19:11
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN im talking about them promoting their products and not cringing at the same time 03:19:41
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. https://youtube.com/shorts/BKvzvdWjBMg?si=hfBvTmQpv_fgWBqq
HOW TO EVENLY distribute IRREGULAR cake? #shorts #fyp #fyptiktok #t...
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@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO there's been an ad campaign in Australia for years now, where the main catchphrase of kfc ads has been "shutup and take my money", as in the Futurama meme, and it's almost always really old peopole saying it unironically with no context beyond chicken being in front of them, and it's fucking infuriating cause it genuinely feels like noone at kfc understands the joke or reference and they just got market research telling them that people say that shit, so they were like "damn we can sell chicken with those words!" 08:53:07
@_discord_219043833894273024:t2bot.io_blicky_ https://youtu.be/UxxajLWwzqY?si=QB0IpnIH9e8JKKlA 09:10:56
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO oh god yep and that's the song they always play in the bg, but just the "i don't care, I love it" bits, cause god forbid it serves any other purpose than selling chicken 09:13:28
29 Dec 2023
@_discord_970878551400255518:t2bot.iokenzhzerou https://youtu.be/pGeGK8Bf_Lg 05:16:09
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat https://youtu.be/V_EgQ6Fhb_g?si=Y0-v1zWPm1J1q-Ew 08:42:39

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