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29 Dec 2023
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel https://youtu.be/qiMQWPI_u3Y?si=7zcV2LiGiMzlNHDO interesting music with a backrooms bg 10:04:21
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO must have been a slow day in the Chicago Golf Fight Club scene 10:06:45
@_discord_898418809029931019:t2bot.io-ΛΞƬΉΞЯIӨП-™🗿 https://youtu.be/ILhUcCSAIe8?si=qH5w3k1UdiwatSJ1 12:54:41
@_discord_898418809029931019:t2bot.io-ΛΞƬΉΞЯIӨП-™🗿 Truly one of the updates of all time 12:55:10
@_discord_824893181811359755:t2bot.ioso booooored i wanna make one now xd 13:05:30
30 Dec 2023
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSNntUrhv/ 10:11:19
@_discord_761648127584370709:t2bot.ioevenly.odd 22:09:39
31 Dec 2023
@_discord_898418809029931019:t2bot.io-ΛΞƬΉΞЯIӨП-™🗿 https://youtu.be/Xp6wrKS55kM?si=dZMxLz91GF_9LWpu 03:49:40
@_discord_898418809029931019:t2bot.io-ΛΞƬΉΞЯIӨП-™🗿 Went from "haha funni trigger abuse" to this 03:50:04
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeatDownload VID_522680202_031713_887.mp404:09:16
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. bro who is kevin 10:19:18
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. and why is he planting wheat 10:19:37
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. how is that gonna help defeat herobrine 10:19:41
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi bread for regen 10:19:53
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. does herobrine have hayfever 10:19:54
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel herobrine allergic to gluten 10:22:34
@_discord_626768393927655424:t2bot.iomarrelbarrel * herobrine gluten intolerant 10:23:29
@_discord_1005789905697382471:t2bot.iobachidek changed their profile picture.21:12:34
1 Jan 2024
@_discord_771513165975650326:t2bot.iomoriiatelo joined the room.22:25:35
2 Jan 2024
@_discord_771513165975650326:t2bot.iomoriiatelo 00:36:46
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTKL-WERvWw&ab_channel=christophertelford 09:01:57
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO yeah, if you're attempting to overtake in an oncoming lane and you see oncoming traffic, don't ever speed up 09:06:46
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi i like how they made him a cup of tea 09:07:21
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN the driver who hadn't had the fault apologized because he's British 17:08:22
3 Jan 2024
@_discord_219043833894273024:t2bot.io_blicky_ https://youtu.be/pKutnPe3hKQ 10:28:51
4 Jan 2024
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat idk why they stopped featuring this ad but this was actually gold 12:08:18
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9G-RZds99Y 12:08:18
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO the irl one has gotta be a movie right? that's such a bizarre interaction 12:14:37
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO kinda neat, kinda also just them saying "look at all the billboards we advertised on!", I also wonder if they had to pay for the rights to use all that footage, cause that might have been their most expensive ad ever if so 12:17:04
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat yeah good point - though i think their legacy adverts had a lot more thought and energy put into them than nowadays 12:20:33

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