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4 Jan 2024
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat probably the latter of what you said also explains why the ad was only shown here for about 2 weeks 12:20:55
@_discord_219043833894273024:t2bot.io_blicky_ A Chinese show 12:24:11
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO yeah it's a clever way of showing the cultural impact they've had, not many businesses can just say "look who talked about us" as an ad 12:35:31
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO what's the deal with the animated remakes? I think you said before they're memes, is it meant to be Xi Xinping or something? 12:37:29
@_discord_219043833894273024:t2bot.io_blicky_ Probably some animation test such became a meme 12:39:07
@_discord_219043833894273024:t2bot.io_blicky_ * Probably some animation test which became a meme 12:39:19
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO ah fair enough 12:39:53
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN https://www.youtube.com/shorts/9whwB2uvAsM 17:18:58
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat SAND TETRIS 21:46:38
@_discord_785261846889889832:t2bot.io.bluish. Best game 22:41:56
5 Jan 2024
@_discord_163982323790905345:t2bot.iodjcoolcrusader 14:34:50
@_discord_613132510716624897:t2bot.ioNn Ñ nN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-qVtHlJzm4 link (almost) has my name on it 22:50:10
6 Jan 2024
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat https://youtu.be/-AHnqUVowFE?si=EspM4PJsytIHv8c4 03:17:56
7 Jan 2024
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeatDownload VID_607690504_101041_231.mp405:04:56
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi https://www.youtube.com/shorts/TZGCVbfxLdE 06:51:00
@_discord_1084404364363440199:t2bot.iobolw of shushi really has that "florida man" stereotype 06:51:56
@_discord_1160433669413015644:t2bot.iowalamala joined the room.11:59:19
@_discord_1160433669413015644:t2bot.iowalamala 12:04:32
@_discord_898418809029931019:t2bot.io-ΛΞƬΉΞЯIӨП-™🗿 https://youtube.com/shorts/g7NmAxE0WeU?si=MtPCt5qk2AD1e9w0 13:16:52
8 Jan 2024
@_discord_898418809029931019:t2bot.io-ΛΞƬΉΞЯIӨП-™🗿 https://youtu.be/vC53KOPjnBQ?si=c4p6R_3kdajLYjCN 05:26:24
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2024/jan/07/mouse-filmed-tidying-up-mans-shed-every-night-video 08:21:29
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat bloody hell 08:21:31
@_discord_326887112240660480:t2bot.ioThe(space)_(space)Llama weird, wonder if hoarding behaviour is normal in mice or if this mouse has some kind of particular personality 08:32:22
@_discord_256955205671845888:t2bot.iok9er. how much is he paying the mouse to do that 08:40:56
@_discord_326887112240660480:t2bot.ioThe(space)_(space)Llama he probably pays peanuts 08:41:51
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat maybe personality perhaps? 10:18:06
@_discord_223253805179994112:t2bot.iocatmeat reminds me of the movie called mousehunt 10:18:12
@_discord_776730112716046357:t2bot.ioOo 0 oO this feels super uncanny valley to be, like, the textures are amazing, as well as the camera shake and blur, you could fool someone into thinging it was real footage, but between the granular filter the whole video has, the out of place item like water barrels and perfectly uniform garbage bagsI feel like the immersion is constantly broken by looking anywhere beyond the centre of the screen. Still impressive though, I wonder, when every developer has the capacity to produce hyper realistic graphics, then what will Todd Howard lean on to flog is sub-par games? 23:29:19
9 Jan 2024
@_discord_824893181811359755:t2bot.ioso booooored im getting flooded with so many memories of old youtubers i used to watch 04:29:38
@_discord_824893181811359755:t2bot.ioso booooored markiplier, jacksepticeye 04:29:47

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