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17 May 2022
@_discord_354278482504581130:t2bot.ioSundusT joined the room.16:29:16
@_discord_262293683322355715:t2bot.ioVizRd didnt saw it on supported devices sorry 16:43:50
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Yep, this page is a bit out of date 16:44:21
@_discord_262293683322355715:t2bot.ioVizRd okay 🙂 16:45:05
@_discord_262293683322355715:t2bot.ioVizRd ahh i see but only direct mode .. no rainbow or something ... ?? or will that be implemented later ? 16:49:04
@_discord_262293683322355715:t2bot.ioVizRd dont get me wrong im happy with direct mode 🙂 16:49:16
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg I think only direct mode is implemented for the most of corsair devices 16:50:54
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg I think there are a few built in modes that could be added, no idea if someone is working on it 16:51:57
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 I do not think they are pre-defined modes but rather animations that are saved in the device hardware. 17:02:10
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 I think we would need to call them “Hardware mode 1” and such as they are programmable. 17:03:40
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg That would mean we could add an infinity of hardware modes ? 17:09:58
@_discord_236441584311205889:t2bot.ioridernorsan joined the room.17:28:16
@judithbnks:matrix.orgjudithbnks joined the room.17:30:36
@_discord_761499042324283433:t2bot.ioPS joined the room.17:50:17
@_discord_796618213487018024:t2bot.iotom53578 joined the room.18:00:02
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 No. There is only so much storage. But it means you have a completely customizable mode. 18:31:37
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg that's what i have with a hyperx mouse as well, direct mode + cutomizable hardare mode, that would almost mean: write an effect engine within the controller file, so, i'll just implement direct mode only + save to flash 18:57:29
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 Maybe mark it for further follow up? IDK. 19:02:32
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg sure, that was what i was about to do in the MR 19:02:57
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg * sure, that is what i was about to do in the MR 19:03:05
@_discord_804107552417644574:t2bot.ioinuyasha joined the room.19:45:26
@_discord_109120005286686720:t2bot.ioSaroya Ravenwind joined the room.20:28:40
@_discord_66472659977773056:t2bot.ioDevilSShadoW joined the room.20:51:25
@_discord_66472659977773056:t2bot.ioDevilSShadoW a friend was messing arond with the latest pipeline build on linux and he appears to have bricked his Glorious Model O (sensor doesnt work)

I've been looking through messages in the server and it appears there's some known bricking issues with Sinowealth devices. Are these issues still present? Is his mouse bricked for good?
@_discord_390271855153512458:t2bot.ioChaos joined the room.21:03:00
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 I know that they have been recovered before. 21:17:08
@_discord_444282173197910048:t2bot.ioHaZe joined the room.22:06:49
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