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17 Aug 2020
@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's Rayhttps://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFFmjrkPDqvIIEpDQQ22:35:18
@murch:matrix.orgMurchlol, so you're just a spammer and/or scammer.22:35:37
@murch:matrix.orgMurchFork off.22:35:40
@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's RayThat's our channel you can click on it to contact the admin22:35:46
@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's RayWell I'm not, and can never be22:36:49
@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's RayWhat's that?22:38:19
@murch:matrix.orgMurchOkay, let's talk about something else. What do y'all think about the CashApp allegedly running out of Bitcoin stock?22:42:02
@murch:matrix.orgMurchOr, did anyone take the time to listen to Peter McCormack's debate between Vitalik and Samson?22:42:45
@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's RayActually the cashapp is good though but we all still have to put hands together to figure things out22:44:05
@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's RayScammers are all over the Internet, my company lost about 150,000$ to those fools22:45:32
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@martinsray:matrix.orgMartin's Ray set a profile picture.23:18:55
18 Aug 2020
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20 Aug 2020
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21 Aug 2020
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22 Aug 2020
@murch:matrix.orgMurch Hi bitcoin 02:37:55
25 Aug 2020
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