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22 Sep 2022
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora no i dont think you can obtain them that way 12:01:29
@_discord_239718854002081793:t2bot.ioNicu that sounds like an old texture bug that I had when loading old worlds in new MineClone2+Minetest versions - no elytra, just a visual mess for some reason, which has been partially fixed (some were also giants) 17:03:13
@_discord_332610754496692228:t2bot.ioJonathon#1518 Probably the elytra Is baked into the model, but normally isn't showen since the texture applied to the model is alpha in that area 22:15:10
23 Sep 2022
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@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora Does anyone feel able to make a chestboat model ? 01:48:31
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora got a first working entyinvs prototype 01:48:50
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora if i dont get a chest boat all boats will have an inv haha 01:49:16
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora i mean it kinda makes sense if you think about it. you can transport a lot more suff going on a boat 01:49:47
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@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora and i mean if 2 ppl fit in what can go wrong with 1728 cubic meters of cobble 01:50:43
@_discord_332610754496692228:t2bot.ioJonathon#1518 if you need a barebones thing for testing i can make you one, but other people are probably better at animation, etc 02:08:00
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWindRedacted or Malformed Event02:47:50
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWindRedacted or Malformed Event02:48:59
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWindRedacted or Malformed Event02:50:48
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora nah i'm just testing with the normal boat hehe 03:37:01
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora totally works anyways 03:40:36
@_discord_827112798097768478:t2bot.iochmodsayshello Introducing: Shulker Boxes 12:07:57
@_discord_563756907207196694:t2bot.iotacotexmex#1754 MH rebooting 12:46:45
26 Sep 2022
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@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM Could I implement https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Advancement in my formspec branch?
If yes, I would like to freese the concerned mods to avoid merge conflicts
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM https://mc-datapacks.github.io/en/conventions/datapack_advancement.html 07:48:35
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM I would like to have a API similar to what is possible in mc datapacks 07:48:58
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora maybe finish the current PR and them make a new one ? It's already pretty large 13:45:05
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora * maybe finish the current PR and then make a new one ? It's already pretty large 13:45:10
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind I started working on advancements 15:17:30
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind AFCM Ill push my advancements branch and we can both work on it 15:17:46
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind I was working on changing from achievements to advancements, and adding the goals and challenges stuff, and some advancement categories too 15:18:22
@_discord_782679623040499781:t2bot.ioDragoni#5256 changed their display name from Dragoni to Dragoni#5256.16:24:30
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28 Sep 2022
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