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12 May 2022
@_discord_799248402999017502:t2bot.iotyrs1ed https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqkG9NYSTPHv0WWLLZHpTg 07:15:14
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@_discord_876221562536214568:t2bot.ioWilburDaHusky changed their display name from WilburDaHusky#3849 to WilburDaHusky.16:40:04
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind changed their display name from PrairieWind to PrairieWind#9426.18:56:48
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind changed their display name from PrairieWind#9426 to PrairieWind.18:56:56
13 May 2022
@_discord_959624897414463538:t2bot.ioAnm0lc0der Can you add more items like trident , etc 16:09:32
@_discord_959624897414463538:t2bot.ioAnm0lc0der Also is mineclone5 better than2 16:09:45
@_discord_959624897414463538:t2bot.ioAnm0lc0der I am currently using 2 16:09:57
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind it depends on your view point 16:14:07
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind I personally prefer mineclone 5, as it has more features, but I also can put up with the crashes and general instability 16:14:40
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind also, tridents are in mineclone 5, but I really incomplete 16:15:06
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind im sure as soon as they are complete, they will be added to mc2 16:15:20
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora havent really tried tridents tbh. 19:47:45
@_discord_675884262175539201:t2bot.ioPhrogMan#0535 changed their profile picture.19:58:35
14 May 2022
@_discord_828059709848289291:t2bot.ioParkеr#6969 changed their profile picture.10:23:29
@0xv31an5a1i5:matrix.orgVelan 🤷‍♂️ joined the room.14:06:31
15 May 2022
@_discord_828059709848289291:t2bot.ioParkеr#6969 changed their display name from Parkеr#9607 to Parkеr#6969.05:32:58
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM mcl5 tridents are super uncomplete btw 16:37:47
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM * mcl5 tridents are super incomplete btw 16:37:54
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM * mcl5 tridents are super incomplete 16:38:01
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM kay put them without testing I think 16:38:22
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM you cant even pick them up last time I tried 16:38:43
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM hopefully they aren't craftable 16:38:57
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind 1. Im fairly sure they arent craftable at all, just aquired in creatove. Second, its still not able to be picked up 16:41:25
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind My brother decided to throw a bunch in his world one day, and couldnt get rid of them, so I had to run the clear entities command to get rid of them 16:42:05
@_discord_493997752993316868:t2bot.ioKimapr#6186 changed their profile picture.17:15:14
16 May 2022
@idahotokens:matrix.org@idahotokens:matrix.org joined the room.11:20:24
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17 May 2022
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora who wants to make a lectern hehe 22:32:33

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