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23 Nov 2020
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> from surface to bottom of map 18:16:19
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> theres a block im not sure how to remove though so the ropes stopped 18:16:58
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> these clear blocks 18:17:29
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> this thing is very strange 18:22:04
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> yeah thought so too 18:22:12
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> you can make it spread, but can't remove it 18:22:21
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> it just comes back if you place a block in it 18:22:27
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> all hail the bacon god and his magic powers! 18:23:11
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> so is it supposed to be an air block? 18:23:15
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> kind of 18:23:31
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> i can contine my rope thanks :) 18:23:35
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> letting water fall for 30k is not good for server health 18:23:56
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> sorry 18:24:04
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <W00HOO> it was another attempt to remove that clear block 18:24:25
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> lol 18:28:12
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> afk... 18:28:51
@lxix:matrix.orglxixaaaaaay... the desired reaction.18:28:53
@lxix:matrix.orglxixI wanted it to be long and ridiculous, but this is a bit much.18:29:07
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> here bigger signs 18:29:07
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> use a book? :D 18:29:43
@lxix:matrix.orglxixOh, cool! 18:29:49
@lxix:matrix.orglxixEh, its just for the lulz. ppl have so little time and attention, I don't want them breeze by the book. big sign with "wall of text" will have desired effect18:30:40
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> tl;dr: don't die in here 18:31:37
@lxix:matrix.orglxix yeah, there will be falling, suffocation, lava, etc shrug 18:32:29
@lxix:matrix.orglxix it's so close to TC and they can still mine their bones in areas but meh... 18:32:57
@lxix:matrix.orglxixoh, mesecon connections, you so silly18:41:54
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <dotti> time for windows? 18:49:59
@lxix:matrix.orglxixme? I actually dont like the look of all this glass. trying not to "pull an Oak" and redo things over and over until I like it. windows will come with lighting and decor... finishing touches i guess?18:51:58
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth*** W00HOO left the game (Timed out)18:56:06
@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth*** W00HOO joined the game18:56:11

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