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24 Jan 2020
23:21:42@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> you put chest in machine and it will be public so chest is also only upgrade that does not make any sense to stack, it changes behavior so that everyone is able to use machine inventory slots
23:22:17@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> chest does not allow modifying upgrade slots, only input and output
23:22:40@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> so usually 1 chest and 1 re battery is good for public machines
23:23:16@_discord_627900170322968603:tchncs.deToothlessTheDragon joined the room.
23:24:25@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> CLUs and batteries do stack, 2 CLUs output faster than 1 (1/sec) and 2 batteries reduce power consumption 2 times
23:24:44@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <auouYmous> CLUs stack?
23:25:20@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <auouYmous> I dont remember them stacking, I'd have more than 2 in mine
23:25:56@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <auouYmous> ya, they dont stack
23:26:13@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> auouYmous: no, I meant that upgrade stacks its effect
23:26:40@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> so 1 CLU = 1 item / 2 sec and 2 CLUs = 1 item / 1 sec
23:27:00@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <auouYmous> ya, I know 2 is faster than 1, some of my setups require two
23:27:37@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <auouYmous> have you seen my gold farm?
23:27:39@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <SX> some alloying matches exactly 2 CLUs so there's no point using injectors either...
23:57:10@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <Andrus10> good night everyone
23:57:26@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth*** Andrus10 left the game
25 Jan 2020
00:19:54@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth*** Getsuga joined the game
00:20:13@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <Getsuga> Hep !
00:25:16@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <auouYmous> help?
00:26:00@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth <Getsuga> just saying hi :)
00:26:16@freenode_air:matrix.orgairok :)
00:26:36@freenode_air:matrix.orgairand hey
00:36:52@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth*** hackernoob joined the game
00:39:10@freenode_illuna-techeth:matrix.orgilluna-techeth*** hackernoob left the game
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