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16 Dec 2019
16:09:37@santam:matrix.orgsantam joined the room.
16:11:23@santam:matrix.orgsantamHey this is Santam..I would like to contribute to this project.. Is there any new issue that I can work on
16:41:51@telegram_502611455:t2bot.iophilomath Hey..


Look at this repository: https://github.com/LakshyAAAgrawal/Space_B__ars
27 Dec 2019
10:33:29@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush Kumar Hi @LakshyAAAgrawal sorry for being inactive as I was having my exams.
10:33:39@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarI've made the required changes
10:34:06@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarIs good time for making a pull request?
In reply to Piyush Kumar
Hi @LakshyAAAgrawal sorry for being inactive as I was having my exams.
No problem. Hope your exams went well..
In reply to Piyush Kumar
I've made the required changes
That's great
In reply to Piyush Kumar
Is good time for making a pull request?
Any time is good time for a contribution in OSS
10:39:21@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarThank you I'll be making the changes
14:08:40@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarI've made the pr please look into it
30 Dec 2019
07:36:41@telegram_650497561:t2bot.ioweirdsmiley changed their display name from Manas to weirdsmiley.
31 Dec 2019
16:17:23@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush Kumar Hi @LakshyAAAgrawal please review the pr named patch 2
17:13:29@telegram_502611455:t2bot.iophilomathHey really sorry. I am running busy since the past few days and for some more days. Would be able to review only after that. Can somebody volunteer to take this up? If not, I would do it in some days
17:16:23@telegram_640602654:t2bot.ioBhavyaYes, I can take it up
17:18:54@telegram_640602654:t2bot.ioBhavya @Kpiyush04 could you please provide a brief description for your pull request, elaborating the changes and their implementation?
17:50:37@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush Kumar Hi @BhavyaC16 I've made the pr for background music as well as I've added pause feature in the PR named "patch 2".
17:51:18@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarYou can have a look if any changes are required please do let me know
In reply to Piyush Kumar
Hi @BhavyaC16 I've made the pr for background music as well as I've added pause feature in the PR named "patch 2".
Add this to the PR at https://github.com/NJACKWinterOfCode/Space_B__ars/pull/10 itself as the PR description.

It's a good practice to describe the changes you've made and the approach for implementation of those changes for the community members to understand your contribution.
17:57:50@telegram_640602654:t2bot.ioBhavya For instance, have a look at the description for this PR: https://github.com/mozilla/thimble.mozilla.org/pull/2474
19:27:10@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarI've updated the discription. Please have a look
19:35:00@telegram_640602654:t2bot.ioBhavyaThat's great! I'll review the modifications and notify you soon
1 Jan 2020
09:33:28@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarSure
13:40:15@telegram_640602654:t2bot.ioBhavya @Kpiyush04 I have made a few comments on the PR.. kindly look into them. Thanks!
13:41:32@telegram_640602654:t2bot.ioBhavyaPlease feel free to reply or enquire in case of any doubts
21:18:16@telegram_857690575:t2bot.ioPiyush KumarSure I'll do the changes
6 Jan 2020
13:55:39@telegram_502611455:t2bot.iophilomathI am very sorry to all the NWoC contributers here. I have yet to receive the merge access from the NWoC people, and will accept the pull requests as soon as I get the access.
13:56:11@telegram_502611455:t2bot.iophilomathI appreciate the work you all have done..

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