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21 Jun 2021
@_discord_205505233038737408:t2bot.ioPiero512#7904 So it can be ported by providing Java with the right dll/ right arch shared object files 13:22:57
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 I wouldn't know about that, I'm not really knowledgeable about Java to be honest 13:25:23
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 The only Java I used is at work for back end suff 13:25:43
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei Java should run anywhere, no need to port as long as the JRE exists for it? 13:42:46
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 The right version of the runtime yeah 13:43:08
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei Minecraft runs perfectly fine, can even host my own servers with vanilla/paper/spigot/whatever else there is 13:44:08
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei Minecraft has a deb package on their site even 13:44:22
@_discord_205505233038737408:t2bot.ioPiero512#7904 I mean, the Java server works everywhere as it is pure Java code 13:44:41
@_discord_205505233038737408:t2bot.ioPiero512#7904 I meant the Java client 13:44:52
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei It is aswell i think? 13:45:08
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei At least mc java edition 13:45:19
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei Idk what your trying to do but as long as your on a debian or arch based distro it should be pretty easy. 13:46:48
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95you can be on any distro and run a Minecraft flatpak13:47:21
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95I really can't say enough positive words about flatpak overall, combined with Flatseal tool13:48:32
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei Y, but there are "official" versions you can get for debian and arch on the mc website. Also why are you a bot? 13:50:59
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95Because bots just love speaking about Minecraft and linux stuff :)13:51:23
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95We all do that13:51:36
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 He's typing from another chat service which is linked to this Discord 13:51:40
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 Also, he's skynet in secret 13:51:53
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 * Also, he's skynet in secret 13:51:57
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 https://tenor.com/view/t800-terminator-robot-war-gif-14523522 13:52:16
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95I transfered my human brain to a jar and connected it to a supercomputer, that's the story of how I became a bot13:52:19
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95I don't miss my human form at all13:52:34
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 lol 13:52:55
@_discord_400430923532992512:t2bot.ioTam damn i wanna do that 13:52:55
@_discord_205505233038737408:t2bot.ioPiero512#7904 Are you using matrix? 13:53:03
@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95yes 13:53:08
@_discord_205505233038737408:t2bot.ioPiero512#7904 Well, the story checks out both fictionally and in reality 13:54:18
@_discord_543737173946662913:t2bot.ioAngscht und Gäld hani kei The amount of information you'd have at the tip of your brain. 13:59:36
@_discord_344278828014895104:t2bot.ioGamewizard#0580 Yeah I had found it shortly after I said that it's from the Rust support patch 14:22:21

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