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29 Nov 2021
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist But I can expect more from a working professional than a consumer. 23:02:16
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 can you? a professional gets paid and has more restrictive timelines. every minuet spend troubleshooting issues is money/productivity lost, both for the developer and the company. 23:03:18
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 a regular consumer or hobbyist can spend all day troubleshooting without repercussions 23:03:35
@_discord_142789126247153665:t2bot.ioTheTrainDoctor joined the room.23:04:00
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 but a developer being unable to work for a day cause X11/networking/.... broke has actual repercussions 23:04:05
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist Yes. I can. They get paid to understand the environment they're developing for, at least to a degree that allows them to create a successful product. 23:04:31
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 is that the developers' job, or QA though? 23:04:52
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist Both, in a good shop. 23:05:04
@_discord_827465126834864128:t2bot.ioLily01 the only issue with arch holding is that they still have package breakage 23:05:26
@_discord_827465126834864128:t2bot.ioLily01 manjaro* 23:05:43
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 in a good shop you'd probably have devops handling the breakage that happens on devs' machines 23:05:50
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 not the developers themselves hacking away on their crap 23:06:09
@_discord_827465126834864128:t2bot.ioLily01 a lot of issues are upstream 23:06:14
@_discord_827465126834864128:t2bot.ioLily01 sometimes devs push bugged packages 23:06:32
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 ALTHOUGH! in a good shop you'd do mass deployments of actual arch, instead of expecting the devs themselves to install manjaro/arch/whatever on their machine 23:06:35
@_discord_827465126834864128:t2bot.ioLily01 and they need to hotfix 23:06:36
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 you'd have gold images of Arch, for example 23:06:46
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist Again, we're not talking about game devs running arch on their personal boxes. 23:07:00
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist We're talking about having an Arch (Manjaro) box around to test that their product works in Steam on Proton. 23:07:34
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist That's a small enough scope that anyone should be able to manage it. 23:07:54
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist Be it the humble indie dev setting up an old PC in the corner, or the AAA with it's IT setting up a bank of PCs for QA to add to it's tests. 23:08:52
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 in that case what's the issue with using Manjaro? if they're not gonna be using it as their daily driver and have a specific subset of packages that they will install, I expect significantly less problems 23:09:47
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist Manjaro isn't going to be running the same versions of packages that SteamOS is. 23:13:24
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi it wouldn't surprise me if valve makes their own repo for steamOS instead of just using the arch one 23:13:31
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist It's a mismatch that WILL cause a problem for someone, somewhere. 23:13:33
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 oh absolutely. if not that, at least their own dedicated Arch mirror. but that's a given that they'll have their own repository 23:13:37
@_discord_192081152377356297:t2bot.ioDigitalArcanist Which is why I'm certain the recommendation will change to "run SteamOS" instead once they're ready to let people at it. 23:13:40
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 came upon this while doing a quick search: https://repo.steampowered.com/arch/valveaur/ 23:13:41
@_discord_699362985021538315:t2bot.ioLego Kenobi what is that?? 23:13:42
@_discord_295723431729692673:t2bot.ionukkelele#2912 Valve AUR repo but it seems to be abandoned. 23:13:58

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