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26 Jan 2023
@_slack_teamkodi_U1433V9PW:matrix.orgwsnipex if you set speakers to 7.1 (or 5.1) it should output multichannel PCM 17:44:33
@_slack_teamkodi_U1433V9PW:matrix.orgwsnipex but maybe a debuglog gives some hint what's going on 17:45:57
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@_slack_teamkodi_U06MZBGDU:matrix.orgjjd-uk Sony TV's doesn't support TrueHD/DTS-HD from internal apps, you should be able to decode to multichannel PCM as wsnipex mentions 17:53:01
@_slack_teamkodi_U06MZBGDU:matrix.orgjjd-uk likely Sony doesn't care about audio types other than what the big streaming apps provide which is genernally either DD (AC3) 5.1 or DD+ (EAC3) 5.1 with Atmos 17:55:32
@_slack_teamkodi_U07328NJZ:matrix.orgfritsch Simply post your log. I enumerate everything that the device can open on startup 17:55:39
@_slack_teamkodi_U07328NJZ:matrix.orgfritsch By not trusting Android, but trying all the formats 17:55:55
@_slack_teamkodi_U07328NJZ:matrix.orgfritsch if it does not work, it won't work đŸ™‚ 17:56:04
@_slack_teamkodi_U06MZBGDU:matrix.orgjjd-uk Sony will however pass TrueHD/DTS-HD from an external HDMI source via eARC 17:56:31
27 Jan 2023
@ParkerR:libera.chatParkerREverything on my system can ping hostname.local avahi address except Kodi. If I try using that in an SFTP source for example, it never connects. Why is this?03:50:03
@ParkerR:libera.chatParkerR error <general>: AddOnLog: vfs.sftp: SFTPSession: Failed to connect 'Failed to resolve hostname wolfcola.local (Temporary failure in name resolution)' 03:55:11
@ParkerR:libera.chatParkerRLooks like it may be an issue with Flatpak. Worked as expected on locally installed Kodi04:05:16
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Yes it is likely a flatpak install would ordinarily not be able to resolve local addresses due to its network policy.

I fuckin detest flatpaks and snaps. They never work fully right.

@ruddo:rudd-o.comRudd-OIt's also fake security as anyone who monitors the linux kernel for vulnerabilities knows.14:41:49
@hays:libera.chathaysI see its included in this file kodi-19.5-Matrix/xbmc/windowing/wayland/WinSystemWaylandEGLContext.h19:38:05
@hays:libera.chathaysdamn. it looks like as written, yes19:41:54
@hays:libera.chathaysIrusak[m] was that ?? for me?19:47:24
@lrusak:matrix.orglrusakI don't think your whole message came through the bridge19:48:19
28 Jan 2023
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@zarak:libera.chat@zarak:libera.chatyes hello02:45:01
@zarak:libera.chat@zarak:libera.chatzarak here.02:45:05
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@daftykins:libera.chatdaftykinsand now zarak no-there02:47:07

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