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29 Sep 2022
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30 Sep 2022
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1 Oct 2022
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2 Oct 2022
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@rubdos[m]:libera.chatrubdos[m]Hi all. I'm playing with Rhasspy for voice control of my appartment, and I'd like to use Kodi as a speaker device. Does kodi provide some kind of API endpoint, such that I can throw a wav that would interject any playing media?08:02:20
@rubdos[m]:libera.chatrubdos[m]Example: I tell my voice control "Jarvis, what's the weather?", and then the speakers that Kodi control would pause any playing media, play the response ("the weather's great today"), and continue playing08:02:20
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@razzee:matrix.orgrazzethere's api for pausing and continuing - not sure how you would get the inbetween stuff done11:39:26
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@s0ulslack:libera.chats0ulslack a__pi: https://kodi.wiki/view/Internet_video_and_audio_streams (2nd google result for "kodi strm files" 15:41:45
3 Oct 2022
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