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16 Oct 2019
12:40:19@lorico:uraziel.delorico changed their display name from lorico to Lorenz Steinert.
12:41:16@lorico:uraziel.delorico changed their display name from Lorenz Steinert to lorico.
18 Oct 2019
10:28:09@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their profile picture.
11:06:11@brendan:abolivier.bzhBrendan Abolivier changed their profile picture.
23 Oct 2019
23:01:03@wtp2018:matrix.org@wtp2018:matrix.org left the room.
25 Oct 2019
16:51:41@digital:sorunome.dedigital changed their display name from didi-digital (she/her) to digital.
29 Oct 2019
19:05:40@wcismylife:matrix.orgwcismylife joined the room.
26 Nov 2019
19:54:17@ryan:campbellr.caRyan changed their profile picture.
2 Dec 2019
18:48:56@frandavid100:matrix.org@frandavid100:matrix.org joined the room.
10 Dec 2019
18:59:20@msavorritias:matrix.org@msavorritias:matrix.org joined the room.
20 Dec 2019
18:34:35@jcgruenhage:famedly.dejcgruenhage [famedly] set a profile picture.
22 Dec 2019
14:14:07@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
26 Dec 2019
20:56:58@digital:sorunome.dedigital changed their display name from digital to digital at 36c3 (DECT 2418).
30 Dec 2019
17:30:50@frandavid100:matrix.org@frandavid100:matrix.org left the room.
2 Jan 2020
12:29:38@digital:sorunome.dedigital changed their display name from digital at 36c3 (DECT 2418) to digital.
3 Jan 2020
14:20:11@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpa changed their display name from benpa-bpulse to benpa.
14:23:34@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from benpa to [benpa].
6 Jan 2020
10:06:03@d:ramrod.topd changed their display name from dd to d.
12:05:11@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from [benpa] to benpa.
12 Jan 2020
20:13:11@argha_riot:matrix.orgCyberHues changed their display name from argha_riot๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ’ป to CyberHues.
20 Jan 2020
21:07:50@horst:horsti.org@horst:horsti.org left the room.
23 Jan 2020
09:00:26@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
27 Jan 2020
11:59:57@freijon:matrix.orgfreijon changed their profile picture.
12:04:31@freijon:matrix.orgfreijon changed their profile picture.
3 Feb 2020
20:33:22@justin:bandersnatch.xyz@justin:bandersnatch.xyz left the room.
8 Feb 2020
20:34:27@msavorritias:matrix.org@msavorritias:matrix.org left the room.
22:17:54@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
15 Feb 2020
10:00:23@verdre:matrix.org@verdre:matrix.org left the room.
10:46:40@levans:safaradeg.netLevans left the room.
17 Feb 2020
20:29:08@chrisppy:matrix.org@chrisppy:matrix.org left the room.

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