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27 Feb 2024
@_discord_416649166492532747:t2bot.iohmemcpy I mean, they already have this functionality, I just automated it a bit. 22:52:17
@_discord_416649166492532747:t2bot.iohmemcpy But it exposed some actual problems that we had. Mainly stems from our use of ZIO and it's contravariant environment, it was indeed mismatched in many places. So I preferred fixing the actual mismatch where I could find it. 22:53:26
@_discord_416649166492532747:t2bot.iohmemcpy I also wrote a small compiler plugin to help me make it saner 😉 22:53:35
28 Feb 2024
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue oops, above I was misinformed on one point

-Xsource:3 does enable a few harmless (as in, there are no compatibility concerns) syntaxes like import foo.*

this is now fully documented on a new doc page https://docs.scala-lang.org/scala3/guides/migration/tooling-scala2-xsource3.html which is also now linked from the 2.13.13 release notes.
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue basically, you were right above about the syntax vs semantics distinction 02:18:37
@_discord_416649166492532747:t2bot.iohmemcpy Oh this is great! 07:04:20
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@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.iosethtisue one more thing, Lukas says "-quickfix is also there now for the change of inferred type", so maybe you wouldn't need Scalafix for that, the compiler itself could do it? 14:23:11
@_discord_416649166492532747:t2bot.iohmemcpy Ah, awesome! I'll give it a go, I just merged the 2.13.13 upgrade PR at work - everything seems to be working well! I'll handle this next. 14:28:20
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29 Feb 2024
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1 Mar 2024
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@_discord_1005172653545488517:t2bot.iobjaglin kitbellew 4.9.1-RC1 tested for Scalafix ✅ 11:04:23
@_discord_673627799717937152:t2bot.iokitbellew so, good to promote to regular release (if it works with scalafmt, that is 🙂)? 11:27:59
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik doing some checks for metals https://github.com/scalameta/metals/pull/6188 12:27:18
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik need to update some thing probably 12:27:28
@_discord_673627799717937152:t2bot.iokitbellew strange errors. can't find Origin where it should be... 16:14:59
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik Ach, that's not an issue 16:35:35
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik It's because the older versions are not released 16:35:46
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik You can to ahead 16:35:50
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik I will need to fix that 16:35:58
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@_discord_1005172653545488517:t2bot.iobjaglin yes all good 20:23:17
2 Mar 2024
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