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20 Jan 2021
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@freenode_xurzua:matrix.org@freenode_xurzua:matrix.orghi everyone, quick question: is there a reason why SB image has an HTTP server embedded ? cannot be done with Toolbox / Podman ?01:55:58
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@freenode_chrisawi:matrix.orgchrisawi xurzua: it's used by gnome-user-share for webdav file sharing 02:06:42
@freenode_chrisawi:matrix.orgchrisawibug report from 2007: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=23568202:07:57
@freenode_xurzua:matrix.org@freenode_xurzua:matrix.orgohhh, ok ok ok, thank you for the info! :D02:08:40
@mkos:matrix.orgMarkthere is a cups web server on port 631, which is enabled by default against all common sense because system-config-printer, which isnโ€™t even installed by default, needs it to be enabled...02:11:27
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@freenode_JayDoubleu:matrix.orgJayDoubleu defolos: that gdm-container is a nice find, looks like micro os is going to be a nice competitor to SB :) 09:03:55
@freenode_defolos[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_defolos[m]I must say that I quite like approach of transactional-updates, while it requires btrfs, it is very pragmatic and not as intrusive as rpm-ostree09:05:33
@freenode_defolos[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_defolos[m]But we might get it to Fedora, neal is afaik working on that09:05:54
@freenode_JayDoubleu:matrix.orgJayDoubleu where's my nspawn container for SB ! I want one now ... :P We cant be any worse than suse ... :P 09:06:11
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