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24 Jul 2021
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25 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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@ilarbjorn:matrix.orgBjörn SjöbergCan Mullvad be installed in a toolbox and work as expected? Or should one rpm-ostree it? 13:38:41
@ramcq:libera.chatramcqI have a (different, but maybe still relevant to your usage) VPN working directly in podman, I roughly followed these instructions and it worked nicely - https://github.com/zyclonite/zerotier-docker13:50:06
@ramcq:libera.chatramcq it's a fairly privileged container as it has SYS_ADMIN and NET_ADMIN caps but it does run nicely with a systemd unit 13:50:41
@ramcq:libera.chatramcqnot sure whether toolbox as root would work in the same way or not13:50:51
@ramcq:libera.chatramcqhttps://hub.docker.com/r/oblique/mullvad perhaps?13:51:50
@ilarbjorn:matrix.orgBjörn SjöbergThank you, will look into those. 14:30:33
In reply to @ilarbjorn:matrix.org
Can Mullvad be installed in a toolbox and work as expected? Or should one rpm-ostree it?
Last time i tried the rpm it didnt work unfortunately, hopefully it might have been fixed
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