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22 Oct 2020
@freenode_juanje:matrix.orgjuanje joined the room.14:46:03
@freenode_juanje:matrix.orgjuanje walters: hi, the use case would be to find files that you don't know exactly where they are (maybe installed by package, by hand, downloaded or moved arround. The command 'locate' is fast and useful tool for that kind of cases. 14:46:03
@freenode_juanje:matrix.orgjuanjeI filled the issue because I ran into this case and because I guessed it should work as in Fedora Workstation.14:47:02
@freenode_juanje:matrix.orgjuanje Actually I thought it was just a matter of changing back the PRUNE_BIND_MOUNTS value. It's what I did in my system and it seems to work well. But I guess it need more work (as usually does hehe). 14:49:36
@freenode_JayDoubleu:matrix.orgJayDoubleu Does f33 silverblue installed from yesterday's iso use btrfs ? 15:03:42
@freenode_tpopela:matrix.orgtpopelajlebon: thanks for that comment! so that means, that to cover coreos and iot I can check for run/ostree-booted, but for Silverblue I should use ie. /etc/os-release.. is that right? just to be sure..15:15:50
@freenode_jlebon:matrix.orgjlebon joined the room.15:16:25
@freenode_jlebon:matrix.orgjlebontpopela: sounds right, yeah15:16:25
@freenode_tpopela:matrix.orgtpopelajlebon: thanks!15:16:32
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@gorillanderthal_the_fake:matrix.orgGorillanderthal shippage: passthrough is working very nicely, need more rsm to play games but its smooth and powerful. Im running AME on it 17:10:45
@zack:shipp.devshippage Gorillanderthal: nice, are you AMD or nvidia? 17:18:10
@gorillanderthal_the_fake:matrix.orgGorillanderthalAmd currently (an old gpu). Was gonna buy 1070 but the market went batshit so im stuck with this for another couple months17:19:03
@zack:shipp.devshippagenice, I hear passthrough is a lot smoother on AMD cards, where nvidia cards to outright block it entirely if you aren't paying for their Quadro cards. Despite their cards being perfectly capable to passthrough.17:20:17
@zack:shipp.devshippageI would stick with AMD tbh17:20:37
@gorillanderthal_the_fake:matrix.orgGorillanderthalNvidia is ez to trick17:21:35
@zack:shipp.devshippageDo you really want to support a company that actively tries to block you?17:22:56
@gorillanderthal_the_fake:matrix.orgGorillanderthalAnd my amd card is OLD17:23:10
@gorillanderthal_the_fake:matrix.orgGorillanderthaldont care lol17:23:16
@zack:shipp.devshippagerip lol17:23:30
@gorillanderthal_the_fake:matrix.orgGorillanderthalBattleye blocks vms but mannnnnnn r6 soo good17:23:31
@nhscm:matrix.orgnhscmIs there any security benefits of creating an additional user with admin privileges and removing the user (created in the gnome welcome tour) from the wheel group?20:22:55
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23 Oct 2020
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