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22 Oct 2021
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@nedia:matrix.orgnediaWouldn't it make sense for cockpit to ship with silverblue too?06:48:53
@phahkoh:matrix.orgphahkohwhat is cockpit?09:31:41
@bkhl:libera.chatbkhlThis thing: https://cockpit-project.org/09:38:31
@bkhl:libera.chatbkhl It's more of a server thing, so don't think I agree it should be included in Silverblue 09:39:56
@bkhl:libera.chatbkhl (It's included in Fedora Server by default, but not Workstation) 09:40:11
@nedia:matrix.orgnediaah right, I saw it mentioned in the context of containers but just coincidental that it works for that purpose too09:50:47
@bkhl:libera.chatbkhl Seems it's been discussed before: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/is-cockpit-supported/2081/11?u=bkhl 09:52:56
@phahkoh:matrix.orgphahkohok, never used it, however, im quite new to fedora.10:20:20
@nedia:matrix.orgnediaTurns out it's not v helpful ^^10:52:13
@nedia:matrix.orgnediav cool though. And lightweight.10:52:55
@nedia:matrix.orgnediaWas hoping it might provide a brainless gui... By brainless I mean so intuitive that it doesn't require much brain power to operate. High hopes :D10:55:19
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@jakfrost:fedora.imStephen Snow nedia: check this link out for using cockpit https://fedoramagazine.org/?s=cockpit 12:49:58
@jamesbelchamber:matrix.orgJames BelchamberCockpit is really good12:54:59
@jamesbelchamber:matrix.orgJames Belchamber..I dunno why I'd run it on my desktop, mind12:55:12
@jamesbelchamber:matrix.orgJames BelchamberIt's not that useful for visualising small amounts of containers IMO12:55:53
@jamesbelchamber:matrix.orgJames BelchamberJust learn to use podman - it won't be slower than learning to use cockpit12:56:17
@jakfrost:fedora.imStephen SnowStill, the links are a reference for any who would be interested to read about it. That's why I provided them13:02:15
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