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3 Apr 2019
17:40:49@cov_:matrix.orgjuul kaot changed their display name from Elon Soorano to juul kaot.
7 Apr 2019
14:31:01@cov_:matrix.orgjuul kaot changed their profile picture.
19 Apr 2019
05:03:49@fractal:matrix.org@fractal:matrix.org left the room.
29 Apr 2019
20:20:17@iramaro:matrix.org@iramaro:matrix.org left the room.
5 May 2019
04:36:11@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell Mesquita changed their profile picture.
11 May 2019
12:57:58@_slack_metamask_U6MRTTPPW:matrix.orgaprizzi set a profile picture.
12:58:00@_slack_metamask_U6MRTTPPW:matrix.orgaprizzi Hi I have re-installed my metamask on my chrome and have registered my 12 words chose a new password agreed on the terms but the import button is not active
25 May 2019
02:53:22@altavista:matrix.org@altavista:matrix.org joined the room.
02:53:27@altavista:matrix.org@altavista:matrix.org left the room.
28 May 2019
01:36:02@jafgus77:matrix.orgjafgus77 joined the room.
4 Jun 2019
06:54:38@_slack_metamask_U5WT61V0R:matrix.orgeloudsa changed their profile picture.
06:54:40@_slack_metamask_U5WT61V0R:matrix.orgeloudsa Hi 0XR198CD, do you have any road for a mobile version of Metamask and its SDK usable through iOS and Android?
16:41:21@_slack_metamask_U0XR198CD:matrix.orgdanfinlay Yup, it will be. https://mobile.metamask.io/
17:03:04@_slack_metamask_U5WT61V0R:matrix.orgeloudsa Thanks. Could you expect something this year ? Or is it a secret 😉
6 Jun 2019
09:32:35@_slack_metamask_U6MRTTPPW:matrix.orgaprizzi https://twitter.com/sparkster_me/status/1136300368802004994?s=12
17:47:01@_slack_metamask_U0XR198CD:matrix.orgdanfinlay Yes, we’re hoping to release a developer beta within a quarter, and release a public version within a quarter after that.
7 Jun 2019
06:05:50@_slack_metamask_U5WT61V0R:matrix.orgeloudsa Thanks Dan!
10 Jun 2019
10:57:10@kcwx9:matrix.org@kcwx9:matrix.org left the room.
21 Jun 2019
11:16:16@izmirlianadamian:matrix.orgizmirlianadamian joined the room.
11:48:49@izmirlianadamian:matrix.orgizmirlianadamian set a profile picture.
22 Jul 2019
00:46:22@daniellmesquita:matrix.orgDaniell Mesquita changed their profile picture.
18 Aug 2019
19:44:09@issachopkins:matrix.orgCallistus joined the room.
24 Aug 2019
13:58:42@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org joined the room.
13:59:03@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org left the room.
3 Nov 2019
12:23:45@SemElVi:matrix.orgSemElVik (PayTezos) set their display name to SemElVik.
12:26:06@SemElVi:matrix.orgSemElVik (PayTezos) changed their profile picture.
22 Nov 2019
11:45:14@mfed3:matrix.org@mfed3:matrix.org joined the room.
11:46:34@mfed3:matrix.org@mfed3:matrix.org left the room.
28 Nov 2019
01:55:05@pudhuveedu:matrix.orgpudhuveedu joined the room.
14 Dec 2019
15:46:38@alexa:perthchat.orgalexa joined the room.

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