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Diskette Operating System Talking. +msdos:matrix.org community. MSDOS, DOS, WendinDOS, FreeDOS, Retro, Own-made DOS, etc. IBM PC and enthusiasts of retro computing are welcome. OpenWatcom? TurboC or maybe DJGPP; it's all welcome. Maybe also OSDeving a DOS?. 16-bit mode computers 4ever, CD-R is not CD-RW10 Servers

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20 Jan 2021
@_discord_272867348455751681:t2bot.iowhen the horse tranqs kick in Never mins 04:04:24
@_discord_272867348455751681:t2bot.iowhen the horse tranqs kick in I found it 04:04:27
@_discord_272867348455751681:t2bot.iowhen the horse tranqs kick in And I got it to work 04:04:32
@_discord_272867348455751681:t2bot.iowhen the horse tranqs kick in I'm going to contact the creator so he can make it his official download. 04:04:57
@_discord_476135587817062422:t2bot.ioTrollge#9142 changed their display name from Trollge to Trollge#9142.06:57:31
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@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Thinking about hooking up one of my old IDE CD drives to see if that will allow UBCD98 to install properly... 21:39:26
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Question is, which one still works lol 21:40:22
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Hmm. Is there a way to attach the msbatch.inf file to Win98 setup? 21:40:59
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Maybe that could bypass the need for IDE cdrom altogether 21:41:37
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 21:42:25
21 Jan 2021
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture joined the room.00:50:07
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture hey 00:50:41
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture anyone here? 00:50:42
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Nyezzz 01:39:43
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Welcome! :) 01:40:00
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture Geoff 🐢 Peterson hey 01:40:05
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture still in the xmas spirit I see :O? 01:40:15
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture how's it going 01:40:22
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Lol I was just telling someone I need to change my pfp last night 01:40:43
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture fuck no, it's awesome 01:40:53
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture keep it 01:40:56
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture so, tell me more about you and shit? 01:41:46
@_discord_798346927154135060:t2bot.ioI like this picture what are your favorite games maybe? 01:42:01
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Well, currently I'm trying to multiboot Win98, XP, and 7 in a modern machine. But thinking my machine may be a bit too 'modern' 02:34:46
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Favorite games... Mmm, one of my recent favorites is LEGO Lord of the Rings. Been getting back into Injustice a bit on PS4 and playing Flatout Ultimate Carnage on PC. 02:36:36
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Favorite DOS game currently is Realms of the Haunting 02:37:00
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Also play guitar quite a bit. Though my frequency in playing has been lacking quite a bit w everything going on in the world and all the craziness w my family life. 02:38:53

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