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29 Jun 2020
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu What audio filetypes are you guys using for your DOS game projects nowadays? 17:00:46
@_discord_211585782740287488:t2bot.iomidn It's not particularly difficult to use a simple PCM file format 17:28:04
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu So filesize isn't a concern? 17:31:08
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu No love for MIDI anymore? 17:31:22
@superleaf1995:converser.euSuperleaf1995 (converser.eu)well i use raw PCM 8bit :P17:48:05
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 I love MIDI :) 17:48:52
@_discord_576071248933683250:t2bot.ioAtie I don't code for dos at all lol 17:48:57
@_discord_576071248933683250:t2bot.ioAtie Midi is noice 17:48:58
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 SC-55 and GUS are my faves 17:49:58
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 But I have little input on development due to lack of knowledge 😬 17:51:06
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 I still need to tinker around w CoolSoftMIDI some time... 17:51:35
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu 17:52:12
@_discord_211585782740287488:t2bot.iomidn MisthaLu DOS doesn't mean limited 17:52:19
@_discord_211585782740287488:t2bot.iomidn It is perfectly possible to use ray-tracing RTX cards in DOS, there's nothing to prevent that 17:52:36
@superleaf1995:converser.euSuperleaf1995 (converser.eu) djgpp: unlimited power 17:52:49
@_discord_211585782740287488:t2bot.iomidn It's just absurdly complicated and nobody bothers 17:52:44
@_discord_211585782740287488:t2bot.iomidn And there's no "authentic feeling" 17:52:50
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu Anyone use MOD or XM then? 🙂 17:53:31
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLuRedacted or Malformed Event17:54:06
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu Those are my personal favorites. 17:55:29
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu Terrapin 🐢 b6r13 You mean this? https://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/virtualmidisynth 17:56:43
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu I have never really liked MIDI myself, because of the whole "different soundfont on every new platform" thingy. But if a dedicated soundfont is included with the MIDI, then it's ok. 17:58:16
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu But I used MIDI for my J2ME games. I obviously had to since there was no other options. 17:58:34
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 Yeah, VMS. Sooo many soundfonts out there, but only a select few can be deemed close to being authentic. 18:06:41
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 b6r13 I haven't tried it because there are so many soundfont options lol 18:07:01
What audio filetypes are you guys using for your DOS game projects nowadays?
We're using RAD (considering AT2 too) doe to filesize issues
@_discord_639761555461898252:t2bot.ioStaticSagaRedacted or Malformed Event18:09:17
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu Oh, never heard of any of those formats before. 18:17:32
@_discord_532540839097008148:t2bot.ioMisthaLu googles 18:17:54
@_discord_639761555461898252:t2bot.ioStaticSagaRedacted or Malformed Event18:18:14

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