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6 Oct 2022
@_discord_216844809904586752:t2bot.ioFrenzie#3198 in retrospect I didn't realize the soundcard was quite so relevant for making things sound exactly how they should 13:19:18
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 Ah. 13:19:21
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 I hope I can source a genuine sound card some day. 13:19:23
@_discord_216844809904586752:t2bot.ioFrenzie#3198 LGR actually covered some modern thing with the right chips somewhat recently 13:19:30
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 I think you linked it, or at least something that did, yes. 13:19:48
@_discord_216844809904586752:t2bot.ioFrenzie#3198 stuff like https://texelec.com/product/resound-2-opl3-8-bit-isa-adlib-compatible-sound-card/ 13:20:07
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 Ah, you didn't link this; but something that had probably the same chips in a complete box, last time. 13:22:36
@mightyowlbear:matrix.orgmightyowlbearIf you want to recapture that in emulation, I recommend making a USB audio device with an Arduino and one of these (https://www.tindie.com/products/cheerful/opl2-audio-board/) I'm currently bughunting an issue DOSBox-X's Linux support for it, but on Windows and Wine, it's an adlib card in a box (well, if you have a box for it)13:24:53
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 I've pinned the message, the best I can do right now to preserve the link. 13:24:55
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 Well, both have their uses. The earlier one is an ISA card if I'm not mistaken, and will work in period hardware. 13:25:41
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 [At least they say it's an ISA card, and it looks like it.] 13:26:03
@mightyowlbear:matrix.orgmightyowlbearI've been very impressed by the resurgence of ISA hardware we've seen with greater democratisation of access to PCB fabrication13:26:27
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 Yeah, and Michal of os2museum even dug up the specs. 13:27:08
@_discord_216844809904586752:t2bot.ioFrenzie#3198 there are multiple things like that, some for old, some for new 13:27:25
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 You can find the EISA spec on the website in a pdf [your websearch for the actual link as as good as mine.] 13:27:32
@_discord_216844809904586752:t2bot.ioFrenzie#3198 cool 13:27:58
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 It, by definition, also covers ISA. 13:28:17
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 I would very much like to make my own ISA card some day, but for now that will have to remain a distant dream. 13:29:32
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk#8116 [I have no idea what kind of card I'll do.] 13:29:42
@mid:fairydust.spacemidI'd love to see a modern ISA graphics accelerator13:54:06
@mid:fairydust.spacemid * I'd love to see a modern ISA 3D accelerator13:54:45
@mid:fairydust.spacemidThough I'm not sure if an ISA card can reliably and consistently update the VGA or CGA framebuffer13:56:18
@fiveseven:matrix.orgDale Gribbleyou and about 3 other people, which is why it won't happen :p14:18:03
@mid:fairydust.spacemidEh, if you're worried about costs just slap an FPGA14:29:49
@0ntophagus:matrix.org0ntophagusFPGAs are often overkill14:30:21
@0ntophagus:matrix.org0ntophaguswith a little extra circuitry a CPLD may be just fine14:30:29
@0ntophagus:matrix.org0ntophagusI've been thinking about making my own VGA adapter that is not VESA compliant, actually14:31:05
@0ntophagus:matrix.org0ntophagusI just have better stuff to do and less time atm14:31:19
@mid:fairydust.spacemidFor a 3D accelerator?14:36:59
@_discord_462424669337813003:t2bot.iomuffin#0640 changed their profile picture.21:04:39

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