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Diskette Operating System Talking. +msdos:matrix.org community. MSDOS, DOS, WendinDOS, FreeDOS, Retro, Own-made DOS, etc. IBM PC and enthusiasts of retro computing are welcome. OpenWatcom? TurboC or maybe DJGPP; it's all welcome. Maybe also OSDeving a DOS?. 16-bit mode computers 4ever, CD-R is not CD-RW12 Servers

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13 Apr 2021
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@_discord_467295214273560588:t2bot.ioPLM8GPLRedacted or Malformed Event18:39:12
@_discord_467295214273560588:t2bot.ioPLM8GPLRedacted or Malformed Event18:39:29
@_discord_467295214273560588:t2bot.ioPLM8GPL I gotta manage nvidia settings 18:55:35
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 You could create a specific profile for Dosbox w vsync force enabled if you don't want it for all apps. 21:20:58
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 Depending on your version of NCP 21:21:16
14 Apr 2021
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@_discord_743492058442104943:t2bot.ioNintendoandVR96 guys 18:56:56
@_discord_743492058442104943:t2bot.ioNintendoandVR96 can someone help me with Windows 98 on DOS 18:57:25
@_discord_743492058442104943:t2bot.ioNintendoandVR96 * can someone help me with Windows 98 on DOSBOX 18:57:28
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 This could be of help: 19:01:50
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 Definitive guides on installing Win95 and Win98 in Dosbox:
@_discord_743492058442104943:t2bot.ioNintendoandVR96 ty but im having trouble 19:03:07
@_discord_297980341166014465:t2bot.ioJitterdoomer Download Dosbox-X, they have better 98 and 95 support. 20:22:06
@_discord_297980341166014465:t2bot.ioJitterdoomer https://dosbox-x.com/wiki/Guide%3AInstalling-Windows-98 20:22:39
16 Apr 2021
@_discord_467295214273560588:t2bot.ioPLM8GPL Terrapin 🐢 I made jazz working with your auto installer. I had to enable vsync in the nvidia control panel. There is some problem in other game. The sound is too slow and inaccurate. How do i fix it? It only happens with openglnb output 13:28:44
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 If it's only the sound, you might want to mess w the blocksize and prebuffer settings in conf 15:40:25
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 Most games are fine at blocksize=1024 prebuffer=25, but some games require larger variables. 15:42:14
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 I used blocksize=2048 prebuffer=80 for a few games that are heavier on resources 15:43:42
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 (Taken from GOG configs) 15:44:00
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 * (Taken from GOG and Steam configs) 15:44:16
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 Though it could possibly be caused by machinetype and cputype or ram settings as well. More commonly acconpanied by in-game stuttering. 15:45:39
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 * Though it could possibly be caused by machinetype and cputype or ram settings as well. More commonly accompanied by in-game stuttering. 15:45:46
@_discord_448012038850215947:t2bot.ioTerrapin 🐢 Lol we also may want to take these convos to #dosbox-support 😅 15:46:35
@_discord_467295214273560588:t2bot.ioPLM8GPL Im goin to try to fix it tommorow. Also in jazz1 when the screen goes white and level starts the game lags for a moment 18:42:07
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17 Apr 2021
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