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18 May 2022
@daknig:matrix.orgDaKnigait is scam 12:45:13
@_discord_387983654044958720:t2bot.ioDethroTull sadly, it really depends on your hardware. I don't have any issues with it on the machine I've installed it on. A recent update fixed the sound issue I was having and now I have sound reliably. 15:50:30
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@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki changed their profile picture.19:07:36
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki changed their display name from Kai Yuuki#5832 to Kai Yuuki.19:07:38
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki So... how to install ms-dos? 19:07:39
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk use the installer? 19:08:04
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki I don't have Win10 X86 only X64 19:08:39
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki ... 19:08:55
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk use dosbox-x, pcem, 86box, plain dosbox. bochs. 19:09:15
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk all kinds of options. 19:09:19
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki is pcem good? 19:09:52
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki and how to install it out? 19:10:26
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk How about you just try it? It doesn't cost you more than effort to install it. Some people rave about it, but I have been ok with dosbox-x so far. 19:12:58
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki Alright i will give it a try 19:13:06
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@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki but how to develop a game using plain dosbox? 19:50:21
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk I cross compile with watcom 1.9. 19:50:35
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk And many other tools exist that do the same thing. 19:50:38
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki what are the other tools that is known? 19:50:43
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk djgpp, ow 2.0 fork, then compilers from the time. 19:50:53
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk borland, microsoft, and others. 19:50:56
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki is ow 2.0 fork from microsoft? 19:51:24
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk no. a guy called jiri 19:52:38
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk microsoft doesn't do anything dos anymore. 19:52:44
@_discord_908133373669703741:t2bot.ioKai Yuuki there is watcom 2.0 now 19:53:21
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk That's what I mean with ow 2.0 19:54:28
@_discord_402104457296478208:t2bot.iomyrkraverk from open watcom. 19:54:46
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