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19 May 2021
@valldrac:matrix.orgvalldrac joined the room.16:47:02
@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismA nice opportunity to upgrade the matrix rooms...16:47:59
In reply to @strcat:matrix.org
izymandias: they admitted they wanted to use it to organize raids
well that's just sad
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org) dazinism: yeah I needed to upgrade it anyway 16:50:45
@valldrac:matrix.orgvalldracWhat was needed to be upgraded? Sorry, not much into matrix16:51:46
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org) valldrac: room version + the old room was bridged to freenode and this drops that too 16:52:46
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)the old main channel was room version 1 which is really broken16:52:56
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)but it's painful to upgrade it, the 'automatic' room upgrade thing just makes a tombstone pointing at a new room an improperly syncs stuff over16:53:15
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)I can make a tombstone myself when I feel it's time16:53:22
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)(in the old room)16:53:26
@colljrdam:matrix.orgD~C joined the room.16:53:33
@m__a:matrix.orgMANoob question - any work around to maintain GrapheneOS security and utilize apps that connect to Google Maps API? Specifically, TheGrint which is a Golf GPS app16:53:35
@valldrac:matrix.orgvalldrac strcat: Do you think if you later decide to bridge again to IRC OFTC, it will be possible from a matrix "native" room like this one? 16:55:49
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org) valldrac: yes but we won't use that same terrible bridge which manages the Matrix room 16:56:50
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)we'd just use a simpler, less first class approach16:57:10
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)where the bridge bot doesn't have admin/mod powers here16:57:21
@valldrac:matrix.orgvalldrac strcat: I see... with a single bot user, like telegram 16:57:52
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)yeah, likely16:58:08
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)the approach of a huge number of connections (one per user on Matrix) is why they had to implement idle kicking16:58:25
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)and they need an arrangement with each IRC server16:58:33
@valldrac:matrix.orgvalldrac strcat: it sucks... you know 😁 16:58:39
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)we're going to add back the Telegram bridge, directly to Matrix though, so it will be nicer16:58:58
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)since Matrix supports long messages, etc.16:59:08
@strcat:matrix.orgstrcat (inactive, use @strcat:grapheneos.org)the reason we did it through IRC is the old channel was based around IRC, the Matrix room was subservient to it via the bot16:59:25
@valldrac:matrix.orgvalldrac strcat: Got it, thanks! Enough off-topic from my side 17:00:41
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@ruddo:matrix.orgRudd-ONICEEEEEEE!!! ❤❤❤17:04:04

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