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26 Jun 2019
@garmen:matrix.org@garmen:matrix.org removed their display name garmen.17:03:49
@baredesigns:matrix.org@baredesigns:matrix.org left the room.18:14:16
@geodb:matrix.orggeodbokay now that both CWW and CringeAnarchy are dead where will you go?22:17:44
@geodb:matrix.orggeodbOhter websites or will you try another subreddit22:17:50
@geodb:matrix.orggeodbpol is full of leftists right now22:18:04
@geodb:matrix.orggeodbyou can name it something like22:48:56
27 Jun 2019
@xando1408:matrix.orgxando1408 joined the room.03:44:19
@xando1408:matrix.orgxando1408 I'm just pissed because I went today and CWW was suddenly gone. I was lucky enough to remember this app but I couldn't remember the room so I just searched it 03:46:48
@deus_vult_amen:matrix.orgdeus_vult_amen joined the room.04:43:10
@geodb:matrix.orggeodbidk you can go post a link to it to some other website or something10:35:35
@cayorne:matrix.orgcayorne joined the room.19:39:35
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@thecherry94:matrix.orgthecherry94hello frens21:15:23
@thecherry94:matrix.orgthecherry94why do they persecute us so21:18:14
@thecherry94:matrix.orgthecherry94 set a profile picture.21:20:17
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28 Jun 2019
@redactedman:matrix.orgredactedman I'm not sure about this platform. A stream of posts with no discussion or topics....seems tough to have conversations. 02:59:36
30 Jun 2019
@deus_vult_amen:matrix.orgdeus_vult_amen changed their profile picture.05:55:12
@geodb:matrix.orggeodbWhat subreddits you brwose?11:55:43
@teapot2:matrix.orgteapot joined the room.14:14:52
3 Jul 2019
@hacker_skeleton:matrix.orghacker_skeleton joined the room.21:06:56
6 Jul 2019
@sir_cthulhu:matrix.orgCthulhu8MyBaby joined the room.13:14:54
13 Jul 2019
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@gentile:matrix.orggentileRedacted or Malformed Event20:28:42
15 Jul 2019
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@bob_bobington:matrix.org@bob_bobington:matrix.org set a profile picture.04:06:53
19 Jul 2019
@shittyfouronesix:matrix.orgtrueroze changed their display name from shittyfouronesix to trueroze.05:19:24
24 Jul 2019
@based_saltines:matrix.orgalphabet_soup joined the room.16:01:01

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