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15 Jan 2021
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson Andreas Kunstmann: that's just an ad hominem argument 16:10:44
16 Jan 2021
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann What would have happened if Trump’s fascist mob had seized hostages?
19 Jan 2021
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23 Jan 2021
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann Facebook purges left-wing pages and individuals
On Friday, Facebook carried out a purge of left-wing, antiwar and progressive pages and accounts, including leading members of the Socialist Equality Party. Facebook gave no explanation why the accounts were disabled or even a public acknowledgement that the deletions had occurred.
25 Jan 2021
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann Facebook escalates attack on socialist left
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party
Facebook is engaged in an escalating campaign of internet censorship targeting the socialist left. Entire Facebook pages are being taken down, and individual accounts permanently disabled, without any explanation given or recourse allowed.
26 Jan 2021
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann Facebook restores service to socialist pages, claiming the purge was an “automation error”
On Monday, following widespread protests, Facebook restored the page of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) at the University of Michigan, along with the accounts of leading members of the IYSSE and the Socialist Equality Party (SEP).
30 Jan 2021
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann

Shut down schools and businesses to stop the spread of new COVID-19 strains!

More than 3,000 people died in the United States each day from the coronavirus this month, amounting to 93,000 human lives. Internationally, the figure stands at 386,000 dead in January, an average daily rate of 12,800 and climbing.

This mass death will likely accelerate in the coming days and weeks.

31 Jan 2021
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson Andreas Kunstmann: it is already estimated that lockdowns will cause 130 million deaths from starvation alone 17:57:43
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonthere's no way they are saving that many lives17:57:59
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann
In reply to @danielp3344:matrix.org
Andreas Kunstmann: it is already estimated that lockdowns will cause 130 million deaths from starvation alone
Can you provide a source for this "estimate" ?
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann COVID-19 pandemic leads to huge spike in global hunger
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson Andreas Kunstmann: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/sensible-compassionate-anti-covid-strategy/ 21:01:26
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson Andreas Kunstmann: https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/statement/2020-11-16/un-secretary-generals-remarks-the-executive-board-of-the-world-food-programme-delivered 21:02:35
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas Kunstmann
In reply to @danielp3344:matrix.org
Andreas Kunstmann: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/sensible-compassionate-anti-covid-strategy/

That is a text by a "co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration"...

The Great Barrington Declaration: Capitalism’s global policy of herd immunity

@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonif you object to it you should just say so21:09:47
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersondo you?21:11:47
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas KunstmannYes.21:13:08
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonWhy?21:13:18
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas KunstmannRead the article I just linked to.21:13:46
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonI did, it wasn't very clear21:15:12
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonover half of it was just attacks on people and institutions21:15:29
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonI support any movement which upholds the freedom of individuals to manage their own personal safety21:31:03
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonobviously in this case it's very difficult to draw a line between the safety of an individual and others21:31:20
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonbut you don't seem very interested in discussing that...21:31:49
10 Feb 2021
@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondthat's what they do04:28:06
13 Feb 2021
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24 Apr 2021
@akgleichheit:matrix.orgAndreas KunstmannForward to the International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees! Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International May Day 2021 will mark the second year in which the international day of working class solidarity is held under conditions of a global pandemic. The International Committee of the Fourth International will mark this day with an Online Rally. It will issue a call for the formation of the International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees (IWA-RFC). The ICFI and its affiliated Socialist Equality Parties are advancing this initiative to begin and develop a global counteroffensive of the working class against the homicidal policies of the governments controlled by the capitalist ruling class, which are responsible for the worldwide catastrophe. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/04/24/pers-a24.html19:59:55
28 Apr 2021
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