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14 May 2021
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6and the keyboard is ok20:06:10
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6 * how long do recaptchas have to spin for it's still goin20:07:06
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6wait I left my mouse20:07:13
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6My touchpad is broken20:07:23
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6I accidentally ripped off the cord when I wastakiing out the fw wp screw20:07:41
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbcan you not put the cord back on?20:07:59
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6it's ripper20:08:09
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6d20:08:12
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6like in half20:08:14
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerb you could get a new ribbon able 20:08:32
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6I guess20:08:39
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6I wouldn't use it anyway20:08:51
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6A mouse is so much eaier20:08:57
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6 ßŧ↓þ→ð →”↓ß ↓ŋħ20:09:21
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6huh20:09:27
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6what cursor theme do you use?20:11:22
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6I like kde breeze and LyrA20:11:53
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6https://github.com/yeyushengfan258/Lyra-Cursors20:12:30
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbi see20:13:05
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6gtg20:13:31
15 May 2021
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6this recaptcha is still spinning01:44:46
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6bruh01:44:47
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbrestart it01:49:08
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6I am going to make an apt repo02:49:15
@orangemn6:matrix.orgSir Mr. Dr. Orangemn6what should I put in it02:49:20

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