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25 May 2022
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️
In reply to @rghvdberg:matrix.org
ver_0: I'm using Caddy server which IMHO is much easier to setup. Especially the cert stuff, which caddy sets up automatically. Could be useful.
NGINX-based SWAG from LinuxServer is also nice.
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️https://docs.linuxserver.io/general/swag10:35:28
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@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️I have configured coturn as my TURN server, but according to the tester, STUN does not work.22:29:17
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️image.png
Download image.png
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️Does anyone have any experience with this?22:29:30
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️I know this is slightly off-topic, but I cannot figure this out.22:30:14
26 May 2022
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@shimun:shimun.netshimun ⚡️ 09:10:00
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@shimun:shimun.netshimun ⚡️ 09:29:18
In reply to @m0dex:matrix.m0dex.eu
sent an image.
sorry I can't help but what tester is that?
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️
In reply to @steinex:nognu.de
sorry I can't help but what tester is that?
@tglman:tglman.orgtglmanUpdate my running instance to the latest next few days ago, and I discovered that now is possible to edit the roles of users in a room 🎉 thanks for your hard work!10:56:17
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️I think this was an element bug11:06:21
@forden:matrix.orgfordenis conduit abandoned? last meaningful commit was month ago11:10:43
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️No, I'm taking a break because of uni11:11:00
@forden:matrix.orgfordenoh, okay 👍️11:12:04
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiPikaminda⚡️Is there an RSS or atom feed for Conduit tags or releases somewhere?12:40:35
In reply to @aminda:pikaviestin.fi
Is there an RSS or atom feed for Conduit tags or releases somewhere?
In reply to @reiner:herrmann.dev
Thanks 😺
@m0dex:matrix.m0dex.euM0dEx ⚡️
In reply to @timokoesters:fachschaften.org
No, I'm taking a break because of uni
A lot of contributors are, including me 😄
@shimun:shimun.netshimun ⚡️ 13:59:17
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@shimun:shimun.netshimun ⚡️ 18:01:36

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