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13 Nov 2020
@lark02:matrix.orglark02Installation and training11:34:10
@lark02:matrix.orglark02Also does pyfreebilling support jurisdiction billing for usa?11:35:13
In reply to @lark02:matrix.org
Also does pyfreebilling support jurisdiction billing for usa?
9 Dec 2020
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@amitiyer1:matrix.orgamitiyer1Hi Mathias08:49:12
@amitiyer1:matrix.orgamitiyer1Hi @all08:49:18
@amitiyer1:matrix.orgamitiyer1How can i help ?08:49:35
30 Dec 2020
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11 Jan 2021
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisso I cloned the git repos22:27:17
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisand started with pyfreebulling22:27:24
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisand just ran make22:27:28
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisit nicely craetes the 2 containers22:27:38
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisbit it seams the djnao container cannot find the postgres containe22:27:52
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisI kind of have the feeling that its a stupid failure in debian buster and docker networking22:28:09
@cypromis:matrix.orgcypromisah. shti I am totaly crappy with docker :D:D23:28:32
20 Jan 2021
@matt44w:matrix.orgMathias invited @neilsheppard:matrix.orgneilsheppard.08:51:23
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23 Jan 2021
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@johnx102:matrix.orgjohnx102 johnx102: There is somewhere I can find install process for new Version of PyFb with Kamailio 54 on Debian Buster 10 ? I try ton install but no success .... 21:17:35
25 Jan 2021
@matt44w:matrix.orgMathiasHi, Kamailio54 is only compatible on v3 (v2 is only in maintenance mode)07:40:00
5 Feb 2021
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22 Feb 2021
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29 Mar 2021
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@ep666:matrix.orgE PHello All I am not finding installation manual for Debian 10 Buster. Can anyone help with the link.06:39:58
@ep666:matrix.orgE PThanks06:40:00
@matt44w:matrix.orgMathias Hello 06:52:32
@matt44w:matrix.orgMathias For the moment only v3 can work on debian 10. And it is not ready for production 06:53:27

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