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7 Sep 2020
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9 Sep 2020
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12 Sep 2020
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14 Sep 2020
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16 Sep 2020
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17 Sep 2020
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@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotHey, the encrypted bridges project is working out pretty well and we're seeing messages go back and forth reliably. The only stumbling block is that for users with unverified sessions, I have to click "Send Anyway". Was wondering if it could default to sending anyway if specified in the config.15:18:52
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotSince bridges can't click buttons15:18:59
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot(I could in theory make the bridges click buttons, but that seems like a lot of faff)15:19:54
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthere's some flags that bots use to not have to click buttons15:19:57
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRprimarily, it disables the UI entirely 15:20:13
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRif you test locally with the docker image as-is, does it magically work?15:20:33
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shotah, I'm using a package which presumably is detecting my system and trying to be clever15:20:55
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRsome configuration required: https://github.com/matrix-org/pantalaimon#docker15:21:02
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRIgnoreVerification = True sounds promising 😛 15:21:15
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot IgnoreVerification = True aha 15:21:16
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot Thank you TravisR for reading things sensibly so I don't have to :) 15:21:31
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRI only know this because I advocated for bot support 😛 15:22:06
@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionjust compiling pantalaimon without dbus-python, notify2, pygobject3, and pydbus also seems to work15:24:14
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotI suspect when this ships to an actual production machine it won't matter15:24:29
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthat production machine will probably use docker15:24:56
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRat least, I'd recommend that the production machine uses docker15:25:17
19 Sep 2020
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21 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
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