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17 Mar 2020
19:14:24@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthe status is we need a client lib that does encryption first
19:14:42@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarso i'm writing the matrix-rust-sdk currently
19:15:02@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarthe pantalaimon rewrite is non-existent for now
18 Mar 2020
09:55:50@jaller94:matrix.orgChristian changed their display name from jaller94 to Christian.
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23 Mar 2020
16:48:57@me:thomcat.rocksThomCat changed their display name from ThomCat to COVID-19 Hangouts.
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16:50:41@me:thomcat.rocksThomCat set a profile picture.
19:02:28@me:thomcat.rocksThomCat tulir are you using docker for panta? Trying to find a pantalaimon.conf combo that works with maubot.
20:06:04@tulir:maunium.nettulirI don't think pantalaimon.conf really matters for maubot
20:06:31@tulir:maunium.nettulirjust need to make sure you log in through pantalaimon
25 Mar 2020
19:39:11@jorik:matrix.org@jorik:matrix.org changed their display name from Jorik to Jorik (Old).
24 Mar 2020
20:34:34@me:thomcat.rocksThomCat changed their profile picture.
25 Mar 2020
19:40:29@jorik:matrix.org@jorik:matrix.org invited @jorik:kaplu.mbaJorik.
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26 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
18:59:44@symphorien:xlumurb.eusymphorien joined the room.
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31 Mar 2020
10:40:05@equinox:matrix.orgequinox joined the room.
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2 Apr 2020
14:13:09@maze:sorunome.de@maze:sorunome.de joined the room.

Trying to use gomuks with pantalaimon. Pantalaimon configuration is:

Homeserver = https://sorunome.de

gomuks configuration is:

mxid: '@maze:sorunome.de'
homeserver: http://localhost:8009

Non-encrypted rooms work fine. And pantalaimon's output confirms that the messages are going through it.
I can receive and decrypt messages in encrypted rooms.
When I try to send something in an encrypted room, this happens:

14:20:17@poljar:matrix.orgpoljarif you didn't disable device verification you'll need to verify the devices in the room via panctl first
16:04:55@maze:sorunome.de@maze:sorunome.deThank you. I ended up disabling verification, and it works now!
17:37:25@maze:sorunome.de@maze:sorunome.de left the room.

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