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26 Jan 2022
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrin the top left corner I use the classic plasma menu19:07:17
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrbut if I have hexchat open if i move mouse to the corner it takes focus away19:07:32
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrim guessing because hexchat is old GTK?19:07:39
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrWayland and GTK2 == bad I suppose19:08:15
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarror i should move from hexchat to a different IRC client....19:08:33
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrlemme quit here19:08:53
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarryeah GTK2 == broken in kwin_wayland19:10:27
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarr2nd issue.. MS Teams flickering, Thunderbird flickering, Discord flashing off and on in background19:10:47
@pino|work:libera.chatpino|work joined the room.19:11:02
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrim going back to X11.... Wayland not ready yet for me19:11:04
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarrmoving SDDM to Wayland i think might be ok..19:13:08
@marcdeop:matrix.orgmarcdeop spstarr: I assume you are testing on plasma 5.24 beta? 19:13:23
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarr but I also notice issues if you are in X11 -> logout try to login to Plasma/Kwin Wayland... it locks up 19:13:26
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarr marcdeop: rawhide 19:13:30
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarryeah pre-5.2419:13:47
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarri will try 5.24 when it is pushed see if any flickering issues are fixed, but GTK2 is broken with window focus stealing19:14:43
@marcdeop:matrix.orgmarcdeoprelease will happen next week19:17:41
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@ngraham:kde.orgNate Graham
In reply to @spstarr:libera.chat
but if I have hexchat open if i move mouse to the corner it takes focus away
this is https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=433079
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@spstarr:libera.chatspstarr Nate Graham: sweet 19:44:27
@spstarr:libera.chatspstarryep thats the one19:49:20
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27 Jan 2022
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