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29 Oct 2020
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo rdieter: no worries, I got it 15:56:55
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieter Conan Kudo: I really want to fix that 15:57:29
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoyeah, but that's a bigger stupid thing to fix upstream15:57:45
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoit's annoying though, since I'm pretty sure KDE VDG would like to drop that stuff15:58:09
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo Nate Graham: were you aware of this, btw? 15:58:17
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieter Conan Kudo: related fix, https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/plasma-breeze/c/6647fbbe9abb19981189100ab0fefee022ce6247?branch=master 15:59:35
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieter then the cmake BreezeConfig.cmake won't be broken 15:59:51
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudonice16:00:13
@freenode__Yoda_:matrix.org@freenode__Yoda_:matrix.org left the room.16:00:17
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieterthen breeze-gtk should be better16:00:32
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoblech16:00:58
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo rdieter: I had already pushed this: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/breeze-gtk/c/8ebb45fcc436e4a42f0133a26502f53de112e963?branch=master 16:01:12
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudoif you verify that kde-style-breeze can be dropped again, then go for16:01:31
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo*for it16:01:34
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudobut at least now the bloody thing builds :)16:02:01
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieternod, will wait for plasma-breeze to be in buildroot16:03:20
@freenode_jim87:matrix.orgjim87 joined the room.16:06:04
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo rdieter: should we add breeze-gtk-gtk3 to comps or just the kickstarts? 16:06:57
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo I think in practice we only need it on the kickstarts, since it's not mandatory and if you have a gtk-free environment, you don't need breeze-gtk 16:07:30
@ngraham:kde.orgNate Graham
In reply to @conan_kudo:matrix.org
Nate Graham: were you aware of this, btw?
what's the problem?
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudo Nate Graham: breeze-gtk requires kde4 breeze style to build 16:08:16
@ngraham:kde.orgNate Grahamew16:08:36
@ngraham:kde.orgNate Grahamthe kde4 breeze style no longer exists; definitely not intentional16:08:45
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudowell, maybe this latest round of tweaks fixes that16:09:12
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan Kudobut that was definitely an annoying surprise16:09:18
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieter Conan Kudo: maybe put it in neither? kickstarts or comps, and purely rely on rich deps to pull it in 16:10:50
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieter though can't hurt to explictly do breeze-gtk3 too (if so, kickstart only) 16:11:26
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieter next cleanup I'm not looking forward to is inspecting all ktp-telepathy related deps, and kf5-purpose, I think those are overly tangled currently 16:18:52
@freenode_rdieter:matrix.orgrdieterapparently the next breeze-gtk build is going to be awhile, https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1636026 , plasma-breeze been waiting to get signed almost an hour ago now16:56:17
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