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28 Mar 2023
@orionp:libera.chatorionpIt works for everyone else :)18:01:09
@alastortenebris:matrix.orgAlastor TenebrisOf course it does18:01:31
@orionp:libera.chatorionpSomething is messed up with this user18:01:36
@timaeos:matrix.nexaeos.iotimaeos Does nmcli require the org.freedesktop.secrets.service dbus service? 18:01:33
@alastortenebris:matrix.orgAlastor TenebrisIs it a profile they imported18:02:01
@timaeos:matrix.nexaeos.iotimaeosI've had to create a dbus service file manually before for a user18:01:44
@alastortenebris:matrix.orgAlastor TenebrisOr is it manual18:02:11
@timaeos:matrix.nexaeos.iotimaeosTo get kwalletd5 to work18:02:03
@alastortenebris:matrix.orgAlastor Tenebris * Or is it manually entered18:02:35
@orionp:libera.chatorionp I think the problem is that the wallet is not named "kdewallet" - but when starting a session after deleting all of the wallets it creates a wallet named "NewWallet" instead of "kdewallet" 18:03:36
@orionp:libera.chatorionpThe profile is installed in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/18:04:51
@alastortenebris:matrix.orgAlastor Tenebris If they good ol' Arch Wiki is anything to go by, KDE can onlu autounlock a walled named kdewallet 18:05:19
@alastortenebris:matrix.orgAlastor Tenebris * If they good ol' Arch Wiki is anything to go by, KDE can only autounlock a wallet named kdewallet 18:05:35
@darkeye90:chat.opendesktop.orgdarkeye joined the room.18:12:08
@orionp:libera.chatorionp autounlock isn't such an issue for us - we login via smartcard so have to enter the password to unlock it later anyway. But not sure if the name factors in later when requesting secrets 18:15:47
@orionp:libera.chatorionpYou would hope it would get them from any open wallet, but...18:16:10
@thorrrr:matrix.orgThorrrrhello guys i wanted to try lf but its part of the copr repository is that dangerous ?19:23:35
@thorrrr:matrix.orgThorrrri wanted to try out https://github.com/gokcehan/lf19:24:01
@thorrrr:matrix.orgThorrrrHas anybody used it in KDE ?19:24:30
@jonathan:libera.chatjonathan joined the room.20:06:39
In reply to @thorrrr:matrix.org
hello guys i wanted to try lf but its part of the copr repository is that dangerous ?
I haven't. Copr itself is not dangerous, just riskier. Think downloading a random .exe on Windows.
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord If you know the risks, go for it. 20:23:31
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord I guess the question I would personally ask is "Why?" 20:24:03
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord Thorrrr if you want a terminal-based file manager, try mc (sudo dnf install mc), it works a bit like Norton Commander back in the DOS/Windows days 20:25:41
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord ranger is also another one 20:27:22
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord Would it be a good idea to package this?: https://invent.kde.org/davidedmundson/xwaylandvideobridge 20:53:49
@conan_kudo:matrix.orgConan KudoNot yet21:37:05
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord Conan Kudo lemme know! When it's ready, I'll package it! 22:59:50
@justinz:chat.opendesktop.orgJustinI'd like to propose new Fedora Test Days (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Test_Days/Create) for KDE Apps as well as Plasma and Frameworks. I'll create a ticket in our Pagure group to have a better discussion but I think it could really be an amazing way to catch bugs and regressions.23:59:18

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