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30 Nov 2023
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw https://nixos.org/blog/announcements#nixos-23.11 02:47:18
@_discord_796427893537243147:t2bot.ioxraid. joined the room.09:34:27
@_discord_796427893537243147:t2bot.ioxraid. 09:34:27
@_discord_796427893537243147:t2bot.ioxraid. A Fedimint BTC Fedipool payout POC where federation members run [pool]s interconnected and has a [coinbase] leader in federation could maybe be had at testnet by building a [accounting] of shares module into sv2 sri pool : https://github.com/stratum-mining/stratum/blob/dev/roles/pool/README.md together with a Fedimint [payout] module 09:34:27
@_discord_477380588936888330:t2bot.iookjodom plug to https://github.com/fedimint/fedimint/discussions/1504 10:43:31
@_discord_1106209895818199131:t2bot.ioethantuttle this is relevant to my interests 14:42:34
@_discord_1106209895818199131:t2bot.ioethantuttle * this is relevant to my interests. I think nostr keys could become "accounts". while accounts have privacy implications, nostr seems best suited to enable users to remain psuedo anonymous with their account. it then also enable communication based on that identity. 14:45:44
@_discord_796427893537243147:t2bot.ioxraid. cant it be a Fedimint token = 15:00:45
@_discord_1106209895818199131:t2bot.ioethantuttle which part? 15:11:41
@_discord_796427893537243147:t2bot.ioxraid. the payouts and hashmarket ... 16:31:42
3 Dec 2023
@_discord_1180711473652191395:t2bot.iojericodings joined the room.03:32:08
@_discord_1180711473652191395:t2bot.iojericodings set a profile picture.03:46:29
4 Dec 2023
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw Is it me or Discord can't just normally re-open after browser was closed. I always have to re-authenticate and refresh the window. 17:01:59
5 Dec 2023
@_discord_893420979265626232:t2bot.iomanmeet (maan2003) this also happens to me
you have to make browser wide enough before opening discord to avoid this bug.

just try reproducing with different window sizes
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw WAT πŸ˜„ 04:42:48
@_discord_893420979265626232:t2bot.iomanmeet (maan2003) yes, it was really fun to debug 04:43:12
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw But I already have the browser full screen most of the time. πŸ˜„ 04:47:16
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw I need a bigger screen? 04:47:23
@_discord_893420979265626232:t2bot.iomanmeet (maan2003) Maybe it doesn't start full screen 04:49:09
@_discord_893420979265626232:t2bot.iomanmeet (maan2003) Standard 1920x1080 works for sure, might depend on your zoom level/scale factor 04:50:26
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7 Dec 2023
@_discord_1106209895818199131:t2bot.ioethantuttle https://damus.io/note1f955ueyhrgvl4ekc2lz7f3yhtkfv9dzc4k7zcup9z2pn2vlh7z3ss0sjjg 12:51:11
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw Snort - Note by dr. calle πŸ‘βš‘πŸ‘ 17:00:44
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9 Dec 2023
@_discord_332755519561400320:t2bot.iodpcpw https://dime.run/ interesting - I like that one could put different GH Actions jobs on different machine profile , it was mentioned on the https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38570624#38571518 with a competition for BuildJet 03:09:36
10 Dec 2023
@_discord_1182301144521916456:t2bot.iorichardnicholson_86856 joined the room.12:27:11
11 Dec 2023
@_discord_1106209895818199131:t2bot.ioethantuttle https://reticulum.network/index.html 04:19:49
@_discord_1106209895818199131:t2bot.ioethantuttle β€œThe cryptography-based networking stack for building unstoppable networks with LoRa, Packet Radio, WiFi and everything in between.” 04:20:57

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