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17 Sep 2019
14:23:52@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey New | Update | Dismiss ☑️ Don't Ask Again
14:24:39@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey or a "Dismiss, don't ask again" button
14:24:56@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeybut I like the checkbox more, its an active choice (two clicks) versus one
14:25:27@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyplus it cleans up the buttons
14:25:41@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyok gotta run
14:25:44@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeygreat work mna
14:25:49@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeythis is going to be a fantastic update
14:30:39@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintu thanks! I'll leave some other stuff later to other PR's. this is already big enough
14:37:28@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious droidmonkey: He wrote a book
14:46:00@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintu I'd like to keep the Dismiss button to the right, so maybe a separator and the checkbox to the left of the dismiss button
14:46:09@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintubut.. checkbox I meant
14:49:37@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyYah great idea
21:01:17@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyvarjolintu: are you going to implement the credential save bar popup after fill credentials from password gen?
21:01:26@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyotherwise your latest fixes address all my concerns
18 Sep 2019
04:28:27@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintudroidmonkey, I was thinking about it but the submit will catch the password anyway. also, disabling the context menu was too tricky
04:29:34@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintu I'm not sure if we want to display the banner every time you fill a password. the username field (if there's such) can still be empty
10:11:06@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyTrue, ok no prob
10:11:52@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintu I also kept the wording "Don't show again for this site" because we are not talking about showing the banner, but showing it for the current site
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19 Sep 2019
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