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10 Dec 2019
22:23:39@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey Ok that's a stretch
22:23:52@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankYeah, well, stretching is what Debian does
22:23:53@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey It's a sample data set
22:24:33@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyAnd is not part of our deployment
22:25:15@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankyou might remember that I have to rebuild the tarball to remove src/zxcvn or whatever because the source for the word list was not included :D
22:27:35@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyWhere I find this rather silly, I understand your situation
22:27:44@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankI find it silly too
22:28:10@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyWhat do we need to do to make it right
22:28:55@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankI guess open 1password, create a database and save it?
22:29:14@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankor we wait a bit
22:29:20@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankand see what they say
22:29:44@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliank there's some more test data in https://github.com/Roguelazer/onepasswordpy/tree/master/data, but I have not checked whether it's the same database :D
22:30:21@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyIf it is freddy then it is
22:33:01@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankit does seem modified at least
22:35:43@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliank droidmonkey: I'm a bit confused as to what read1PasswordTextExport() does in the test, it seems to read the export file and then we delete the result
22:36:00@freenode_juliank:matrix.orgjuliankah nevermind, I only read one user
11 Dec 2019
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13:53:06@freenode_Nikky:matrix.orgNikkyheard this is going to be used fo communications during 36c3
14:01:37@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyI would prefer a new channel be made
14:01:48@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyLike #keepassxc-36c3
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12 Dec 2019
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13 Dec 2019
03:42:48@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey phoerious: we still have the CI issue with the ubuntu runner

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