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10 Apr 2020
07:31:45@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious If you're getting weird "unusual activity" emails regarding you accessing your private Github repos via curl, it's phishing.
07:51:22@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifithe Debian way is to avoid external repos and update mechanisms
07:53:21@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifiit would be great if they had a fast lane for things like browser extensions
08:02:56@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious And then everything is two years behind. That's not how Software works these days.
09:12:31@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousI'm going through the medium issues in the aduit report. It's definitely not made for Qt. Tons of memory "leak" reports, which aren't actual leaks. due to Qt parenting.
09:17:43@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAnd each and every singleton.
10:15:02@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousBoy, that thing has some loose heuristics.
10:32:13@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey I wasn't impressed
10:32:30@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyFortify is much better
10:33:43@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousYeah, half of it is just the system complaining about each and every instance of open() or the mention of "password" in a variable name and then getting utterly confused about Alloc.cpp.
10:34:34@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousI have found one actual issue so far and I am deep into the "Low" territory by now.
10:34:51@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAnd that one isn't even an actual issue. It's just an assignement of int to a char variable in the tests somewhere.
10:35:52@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousIt also didn't understand that complex types are automatically initialised upon declaration or the concept of a hash map.
10:45:00@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousInformation Exposure Through Comments. lol
10:56:00@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousI added the only three actual issues to the Google drive. None of them are anywhere near high-priority. Just the char/int thing and use of memset instead of std::fill.
11:09:03@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyEasy peasy
11:20:20@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAll those "Insecure credentials handling" complaints are almost insolent and pretentious.
11:20:50@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious"Hard-coded passwords" Haha
12:51:38@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey If you can get find_library to work I'll give you a cookie
12:51:51@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyIts broke hard for me on msys2 latest updates
12:52:02@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyAbjectly refuses fo find a dll
13:28:09@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyYou want to merge the theme fixes?
13:29:06@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousWe need to fix the colours first.
13:30:13@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousMy cmake crashes on Windows.
13:31:50@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey Winning!
13:33:33@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousI can't even start to debug anything.
13:44:00@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious During startup program exited with code 0xc0000139.

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