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21 Jan 2020
13:50:50@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousWhich is thanks to the code doing things all over the place.
13:50:57@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousBless OOP.
13:51:22@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyPerhaps we should move release data to private
13:51:30@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyAnd listen for release requests
13:51:47@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyBut let the database class handle when to comply with that
13:52:53@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyWe basically give access to the world to explicitly break availability contracts within private member variables
13:56:15@freenode_jdhore:matrix.orgjdhore I know this is old, but Bitwarden isn't "guiltware" from the dev, it's "guiltware" from the users who are: "It's only 10 fucking dollars, pay the man"...The dev is more like: "Enough companies pay for this that users...meh...pay me...or don't...whatever"
13:57:27@freenode_jdhore:matrix.orgjdhore The architecture of Bitwarden just kinda sucks though IMO and the dev is REALLY slow to implement stuff that LARGE portions of his userbase wants...and he's limited by stuff like the fact he's using JS for EVERY client
15:10:18@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifi it's not only 10 dollars if you are a company
15:11:26@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifi their pricing model didn't scale for us so we didn't implement bitwarden
15:13:32@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifiwell it does but I guess the guiltware approach kinda killed interest
15:13:57@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious10 dollars for the first 10 users, then 10+n*2 for each additional users.
15:14:40@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifiwe have almost 500 users at work :s
15:15:02@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousWell, that's 1010 dollars.
15:15:06@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousFor the 500th user
15:15:35@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousBe glad it's not entirely exponential.
15:16:15@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifienterprise is $3/mo per user
15:16:42@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousQuantity discounts are so 2019. We do quantity upcounts.
15:19:43@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifi we ended up with lastpass, it's horrible
15:20:37@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifi I still don't get it why their UI/UX is so bad given they are a business
15:21:27@freenode_hifi:matrix.orghifi keepassxc is far from the best UX but at least it's voluntary work
16:02:06@freenode_jdhore:matrix.orgjdhore Yeah, i'd certainly say Bitwarden > LastPass in terms of UX, though I think 1password wins the UX game
18:34:45@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousI own two Apple devices now. Feels so bad.
23:55:07@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousThis new mini is magnitudes after than the old one at least.
23:57:51@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious The setup was a little iffy. Despite showing the dialogue, I couldn't get it to pair my Bluetooth mouse during the initial set up, so I had to plug in the dongle. Then it wanted me enter my WiFi password (no WPS) and my credentials before giving me the chance to pair the Bluetooth keyboard beforehand. But now it's working and the data transfer went smoothly.
23:59:37@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious Back to hands-off VNC-only on this thing now. That's what I got a mini and not a thingy with a screen attached to it. Yay.
22 Jan 2020
00:04:39@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAfter = faster. Good night.

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