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3 Jul 2020
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyoh much better20:08:31
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey phoerious: need to install asciidoctor in your mingw for Windows CI 20:09:34
@freenode_varjolintu:matrix.orgvarjolintumy Hackintosh is working like a charm. no more graphic glitches etc. in KeePassXC20:24:26
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyhaving a hard time getting the asciidoctor to work on macos20:54:11
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeycmake issues...20:54:13
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyput the browser documentation in place20:57:21
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey make[2]: *** No rule to make target `docs/man/*', needed by `docs/CMakeFiles/manpages'. Stop. 21:00:04
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyI get this on macOS for all documentation commands21:00:13
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyfixed it21:40:08
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyapparently cmake_custom_command/target operate VERY differently on macOS21:40:20
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoerious Are you also getting error: mingw32: signature from "David Macek david.macek.0@gmail.com" is unknown trust when trying to update Msys? 22:52:21
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousMsys is completely broken. Again.22:52:39
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAfter removing all keys and re-initialising the keystore, I get "marginal trust". Had to manually set it to full.22:56:47
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAnd Mintty doesn't start anymore after pacman update. Great.23:01:12
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyI have not attempted to update msys2 23:05:39
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkey And won't be attempting it 23:05:45
@freenode_droidmonkey:matrix.orgdroidmonkeyWe need to find a better package manager for windows23:06:26
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousGreat, bash crashes with shared_info::initialize: size of shared memory region changed from 51128 to 4088823:06:38
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAlthough that might be due to missing DLLs, because I can only try to start it from cmd.exe23:07:38
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousFuck it, I'm done.23:08:41
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousMsys2 sucks ass.23:08:48
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousGotta reinstall when I find the time.23:09:07
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousAlright, after stopping all services, renaming the directory, reinstall, starting, renaming the old directory back, it's working again.23:14:26
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriouspacman -Syu23:14:30
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousWorks now23:14:35
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousInvalid signatures on some packages. 23:19:01
@phoerious:matrix.orgphoeriousMore PGP keys I need to trust. WTF is wrong.23:20:22
4 Jul 2020
@freenode_Tonho:matrix.orgTonho joined the room.02:11:51

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