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22 Oct 2021
@_discord_771013189927567361:t2bot.iosyelan3 changed their display name from syelan3 to syelan3#0122.11:29:43
@_discord_771013189927567361:t2bot.iosyelan3 changed their display name from syelan3#0122 to syelan3.11:29:44
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt#9586 joined the room.15:34:57
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt#9586 exelotl Nice to see Natu Development in full force now 15:34:57
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt#9586 Not really interested in making a GBA game rn, but congrats either way 15:35:14
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 Thanks! <3 15:44:18
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 I've been getting around to doing a lot of the things I wanted to before the goodboy KS+demo launch but simply didn't have time 15:44:53
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 exelotl https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/19040 19:25:56
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 I saw your issue 19:27:26
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 are you trying to use bit sized types? 19:28:05
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 this might not be a 100% fit 19:29:04
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 but I'm using this for modelling hw registers in my emulator: https://gist.github.com/RSDuck/40df3efdb63f520862a1ea469d3d158c 19:29:43
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 ohhh haha I actually have a very similar macro to yours 19:30:54
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 I was looking to delete it if I could xD 19:31:08
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 ah well 19:31:26
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 https://github.com/nim-lang/RFCs/issues/427 19:34:21
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 a typedef macro would be a cool solution to this 19:34:35
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 oh yeah, I've often wished I could just do type Foo = myMacro() lol 20:02:34
Download unknown.png
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 I basically have 2 bitfield macros and was hoping to get rid of the one on the left lol 20:03:47
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 the one on the right is essential because it lets me reuse the same bits for different purposes depending on context 20:04:39
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 the alternative would be to have dozens of different types (1 extra type per entity in the game) and always cast to the correct one 😅 20:06:32
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 why didn't you use an enum + a set for the one on the left? 20:06:39
@_discord_90614688374624256:t2bot.ioexelotl#9183 cause I wasn't very familiar with them at the time lol 20:07:08
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 I see 20:09:23
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 seperating the accesor definition from the type definition itself is pretty smart 20:09:49
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 it makes the type far more modular 20:10:01
@_discord_249581140363575297:t2bot.ioGeneric#5192 with my macro everything has to defined at once, which blows the macro up considerably 20:11:28
23 Oct 2021
@_discord_384420195718004736:t2bot.ioDerek joined the room.00:30:20
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