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26 Nov 2022
@elsandosgrande:matrix.orgSandy VujakovićDamiLee — What I learned on my Journey To Become an Architect → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH-3wnLvItU03:49:06
@ph03n1xaim:vern.cc/ph03n1x/aim (vern.cc)
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@monochrome:vern.ccmonochrome joined the room.04:18:23
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What True Friendship Looks Like - Animation.mp4
isnt this something the Doo said?
@monochrome:vern.ccmonochromeoh yeah it iss04:22:15
@ph03n1xaim:vern.cc/ph03n1x/aim (vern.cc)Yep Yep04:22:43
@monochrome:vern.ccmonochromeDoo is fun to watch04:25:13
@ph03n1xaim:vern.cc/ph03n1x/aim (vern.cc)I see04:25:20
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I see
amazing guitar content and memes like the ones you sent
@monochrome:vern.ccmonochromepeak youtube lmao04:26:27
@ph03n1xaim:vern.cc/ph03n1x/aim (vern.cc)
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amazing guitar content and memes like the ones you sent
@monochrome:vern.ccmonochromeis the profile picture Clinton the cat?04:26:49
@ph03n1xaim:vern.cc/ph03n1x/aim (vern.cc)I guess05:12:38
@dfx4509b:matrix.orgDFX4509BThis is a debadged ES product, I'm pretty much convinced based both on its front panel design and how it's built. https://youtu.be/IKEXNez6Bnw06:03:49
@dfx4509b:matrix.orgDFX4509BCopper chassis sets me off in that direction as that's predominantly an ES thing if I remember right.06:04:37
@bennyhill:tchncs.deMicroOS Enjoyerimage.png
Download image.png
@biehdc:reactos.orgHyperbased in Hyperspacego moment08:53:48
@chargingmann:matrix.orgchargingmannMicrosoft Surface Go Pro Studio plus09:01:03
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go moment
that's why there's golang
@vielle:matrix.orgDaniel just be happy you're not the creator of the Go! programming language 09:48:44
@agent24:matrix.orgnormal rules do not apply changed their display name from waiting for Radio City to sink to normal rules do not apply.11:36:51
Download ima_58278b0.jpeg
@pcgaming:matrix.orgpcgaming Mr Clinton stole my chair 17:54:11
@biehdc:reactos.orgHyperbased in Hyperspaceno, you stole his chair17:54:28
@chargingmann:matrix.orgchargingmannRedacted or Malformed Event18:12:28
@chargingmann:matrix.orgchargingmann * https://youtu.be/pVdK2vXc67Y18:14:39
@chargingmann:matrix.orgchargingmannhttps://youtu.be/qvot0oeaH_4 Tom Vs Tom --- Where's JERRY18:16:24

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