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30 Oct 2020
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20 Nov 2020
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14 Dec 2020
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26 Dec 2020
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20 Dec 2020
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26 Dec 2020
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27 Dec 2020
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28 Dec 2020
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16 Feb 2021
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2 Apr 2021
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@pam_cakes:matrix.orgAlice KileHello? 10:18:14
@pam_cakes:matrix.orgAlice Kilepeople are here11:33:10
@pam_cakes:matrix.orgAlice Kilelol11:33:12
@pam_cakes:matrix.orgAlice Kile also im alice 11:33:26
@pam_cakes:matrix.orgAlice Kilebut looks like that server is now down :3 so using this :311:33:38
@clacke:matrix.heldscal.laclackemany people, not many heroes punched18:19:41
@pam_cakes:matrix.orgAlice KileHaha21:05:20
3 Apr 2021
@clacke:matrix.heldscal.laclackeare you doing anything, or interested in hearing about people doing something, to simplify our digital lives to out the future in the hands of the people?08:03:14
@clacke:matrix.heldscal.laclackeI like reading the timelines of lots of people on https://merveilles.town , where also prime heropuncher xj9 hung for a bit08:04:56
@clacke:matrix.heldscal.laclacketo put* the future08:05:18
@clacke:matrix.heldscal.laclackethe future can start by giving my phone a physical keyboard again so I can stop spending 10%–25% of my typing effort correction myself08:06:49
@clacke:matrix.heldscal.laclackecorrecting* gabnabbit08:07:17
11 Apr 2021
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