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12 Aug 2019
03:43:52@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey Next VOICE chat testing session on 25 August, starting 8:00UTC. For anyone who's keen to join in, more details at #voicechat:matrix.org
09:10:00@falconstinker:matrix.orgfalconstinkerwhat is that?
13 Aug 2019
11:48:57@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyVOICE Organized Investigation of Chat Engines. Monthly testing sessions for the group voice chat functionality of free code apps like Riot, Jami, Tox, Wire etc
24 Aug 2019
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27 Aug 2019
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5 Sep 2019
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9 Sep 2019
21:17:12@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekohmm, checking out the battery tech now. it seems like 4S1P without a BMS is a no-go due to small changes in resistance
21:24:47@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekowe could do parallel I believe, which will keep the same voltage but increase the mAh. Problem is, then we're capped at 3.6 volts unless we do a 2s2p for ~7 volts and half of the mAh
21:25:45@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekobut then we'd be stuck at a meager 500mAh
21:30:32@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoso if the Pi 3B+ idles at 350mA and our 2S2P battery uses 5000mAh, we could get roughly 10 hours from the current battery plan. xj9 (@xj9:sunshinegardens.org)
21:30:54@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekowhich isnt *great* but for keeping the small size might be best
21:31:09@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoof course i could try to make the battery pack an addon for user choice as well
21:35:57@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoalthough with sanbyo NCR18650GA's you could get 7000mAh out of a 2S2P pack and get 14 hours idle.
21:36:42@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoultimately my biggest issue right now is how modular we want it to be. im not against making different models for different sizes, but i think to be able to install either a Pi3 or a BBB in a device, it'd need to be fairly bulky
21:37:07@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoso I think we should just design around the Pi3 and maybe create it in OpenSCAD where you could change the device dimensions before compiling
21:57:25@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekothe good thing is, with the battery not being a part of the system, we can put an internal slot for an SSD
10 Sep 2019
02:13:39@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey Have you thought about options of trickle charging with a solar panel? Maybe even building one in? I know the power requirements are orders of magnitude greater, but solar powered calculators have been available since the 80s that didn't even have batteries.
11 Sep 2019
01:59:51@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoI haven't delved into solar, but I'm not sure how you could place it on a laptop where it would receive sun.
10:41:46@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey When you say laptop I presume you mean the usual clamshell form factor? You could put it on the back of the screen and leave it in the sun when you're not using it. In theory, you could face into the sun when you used it, but ... 😏
10:51:06@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey We were charging cell phones on solar panels not much larger than a laptop screen back in the early 2000s. Panels have a much higher generation capacity now per cm2 of panel now than those ones. So it wouldn't need to track the sun, as long as there's some light on it you'd get a reasonable trickle charge.
10:54:31@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey Whether it would be enough, would depend on how you're using it and how much time it gets in the sun, but it would at least extend the time it would last before it needed plugging in.
10:58:05@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey The ideal solution would be to have a transparent solar panel as a screen protector and work with the sun behind you, but I don't know if this tech is production-ready yet:
16 Sep 2019
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26 Sep 2019
05:40:41@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoAs far as I know the current goal for the Nomad prototype is availability, so I'll adding more parts such as a solar panel for now. There's always room for experimentation when we get the base prototype out.
27 Sep 2019
06:51:03@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyFair enough. Something to keep an eye on for future iterations. Or as an optional extra? I know small panels with a USB connector for charging mobiles are already commercially available ...
13 Oct 2019
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14 Oct 2019
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7 Nov 2019
15:07:42@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyxj9 (@xj9:sunshinegardens.org): are you still about?

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