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10 Feb 2019
18:26:18@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoi can ping it now 🤷
18:31:58@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoNow just gotta find more peers 🤔
18:32:33@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoif anybody can connect to http://[fc2b:a33a:d0d:6ca1:3d07:e0bd:1cc5:c5bf]/ lmk
18:37:29@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 neat i’ll check when i’m home from dimsum
15 Feb 2019
00:46:23@rendeko:matrix.orgrendeko set a profile picture.
17:13:23@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoSorry for still not pushing out the Nomad, I'm seriously stumped on how to continue its design. Mounting a pi in the corner of the enclosure while holding it down in the middle requires some odd ideas.
17:40:59@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9i forgot to say, i can reach your site over cjdns
17:41:26@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9no rush :)
17:43:15@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekooh sweet
17:45:23@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 changed the room topic to "walkaway tech holon — 千里之行,始於足下 — https://www.freelists.org/list/heropunch-dev" from "dex the world — 千里之行,始於足下 — https://viewer.heropunch.io/channel/heropunch".
17:49:02@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 rendeko: have you looked at `github:hyperboria/peers`?
17:49:54@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoyeah, added a few
17:50:16@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekowould using the cjdroute.conf from my server work on my pc, do you know? if its in the same local network
17:51:41@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9each host should have their own routing key pair, but sharing creds should be fine
17:53:01@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9if you're on th same LAN it'll automatically set up links with other cjdroute clients (unless you have beacons disabled)
17:53:51@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 for example, my pi cluster doesn't have any connectTo entries, they just autoconf with other hosts that act as gateways for my LAN
18:01:47@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoI likely just have my config wrong
18:02:59@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9editing that json file isn't very friendly
18:03:07@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9a config util would be really nice to have
18:03:43@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoYeah. I'd make one in ncurses but I don't wanna be responsible for accidentally overwriting someones important config lol
18:05:01@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 i'll prob make one when i write grid-agent
18:05:43@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9i'd love to run a cjdns-based vpn service, but there's a ton of UX work to do before that can happen
18:06:57@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoI'd settle for an Electron app, and that says a lot.
18:07:25@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 i actually need a minimal first version of gird-agent to get my new rpi DC off the ground. manually fucking with networking stuff to get VPN working isn't something i want to do more than once
18:07:40@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9esp the exit gateway stuff
18:09:18@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9we also need a shiny mail/git client similar to source tree so people can stop using web-based git workflow
18:09:46@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9if it does cjdns you don't even need a real email address!
18:10:28@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9the last bit is more for mesh network collab, but there's a ton of details there that need to get worked out lol
18:11:46@rendeko:matrix.orgrendekoI'm desperate for anything decentralized. If it works, I'll use it.

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