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15 Nov 2018
21:09:47@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsi dont even know what you could add besides a keyboard on the bottom, so that'll be a hinge
21:12:50@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsand then on my own time im gonna shove it into a gameboy case
21:34:01@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsbasically how the design is intended to work is that you screw the L shaped piece into the back of the screen, and then tighten it with a nut trap from the back. so it should create a closed unit. obviously not waterproof but closed enough
21:36:59@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsunfortunately since i flipped the whole design around, you'll need a longer ribbon cable. otherwise you'd have to desolder the usb port from the screen to prevent it shorting on a battery. i think its a worthy sacrifice to keep the screen like it comes
21:40:23@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsso the designs a bit iffy but for a 2 person job i think we could have done worse. the most trashy thing you might have to do is duct tape part of the screens controller board to guarantee it doesnt short
21:40:40@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsbut i put some standoffs so hopefully that never happens
21:44:40@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsit'll be better than some of the shit you see on reddit, i can guarantee that
21:45:59@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsim pretty proud of the dimensions. as i type this im reducing them even more but it should about the height of one and a half 18650's
21:46:27@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrswhich i think is more than acceptable for our usecase
22:17:29@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrshe did another shrinky
22:17:36@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsthe boy is small now
22:35:12@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsRedacted or Malformed Event
17 Nov 2018
03:53:50@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsheropunch got a spot on my resume "hardware design for libre software organization"
04:24:14@hector:matrix.heldscal.laHectorEminently hireable qualifications.
22 Nov 2018
21:19:18@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrssince piratebox is lame, we should use openwrt hardware for mini-servers and meshnet nodes
23:12:59@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9i’m down to make an improvement over piratebox. rpi is at a definite disadvantage for wireless coms. https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/22685/usb-bandwidth-for-the-rpi-model-b
23:13:53@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 not the worst for a client, perhaps, but your network core is going to suck it’s a pi
23:14:01@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 *if it’s a pi
23:45:05@Moon:matrix.heldscal.lamoonthere's a tiny mips soc that can run Linux, I forget its name
23:46:25@Moon:matrix.heldscal.lamoonI think it was this http://linuxgizmos.com/tiny-iot-sbc-runs-openwrt-on-mediatek-mips-soc/
29 Nov 2018
20:48:17@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsi completely forgot to ask this. should the nomads hard power button be a switch or a button
20:48:22@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsbutton is smaller but not as aesthetic
23:54:37@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9aesthetic pls
30 Nov 2018
04:57:41@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsswitch it is then
04:57:54@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsalso think i figured out the modular ports. it wont be pretty but it'll work
04:58:26@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrswell it might be pretty, idk. basically its treating the tablet like a piece of 2020 extrusion and the modules will have the male part that slides in
05:04:30@dlrs:matrix.heldscal.ladlrsdovetail. thats what i should have said. it'll be dovetail connectors on all sides
05:23:01@xj9:sunshinegardens.orgxj9 damn that’s legit

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