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29 Jan 2023
@_discord_1024184955783368744:t2bot.ioFerryQntul changed their display name from FerryQntul to FerryQntul#9656.17:28:34
@_discord_1024184955783368744:t2bot.ioFerryQntul changed their display name from FerryQntul#9656 to FerryQntul.17:28:47
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In reply to @_discord_406457341727473665:t2bot.io
Is there a typescript/JavaScript library to build?
coming soon 😉
@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomari`yarn create nexa` will be the starting point for most dApps 🚀19:42:15
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@_discord_957642358680354866:t2bot.ioCicero#0820Redacted or Malformed Event22:39:13
30 Jan 2023
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@_discord_180551762254626828:t2bot.iobassRAWR - Vipor.net I don't know about that, and I've been using gitlab for a long time when it was self install 01:57:15
@_discord_180551762254626828:t2bot.iobassRAWR - Vipor.net https://github.com/tripflex/igitlab 01:57:53
@_discord_180551762254626828:t2bot.iobassRAWR - Vipor.net Damn 8+ years fackk 01:58:47
@_discord_180551762254626828:t2bot.iobassRAWR - Vipor.net Microsoft is questionable but it's open source mostly soooo even if they hadn't bought out github... 01:59:48
@_discord_180551762254626828:t2bot.iobassRAWR - Vipor.net And trust me, I'm no MS fan by any means 02:00:08
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@_discord_844470491640365068:t2bot.ioCougarmonster#7061 Hi guy I have problem with backup wallet and changing wallet to new computer. Do you have method to do that ?
My computer have problem so I want to install new windows but the first payout from pool that I have mining. I have not get it. So how can I do with new windows and with same wallet same nexa address.
@_discord_1048076965124526150:t2bot.ioCybernatedCoinage Just take your wallet.dat file and move it to the new computer 04:39:36
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@_discord_254948103294156800:t2bot.ioAaronm95-NA#5759 so when might a DEX come out for Nexa 08:58:25
@_discord_254948103294156800:t2bot.ioAaronm95-NA#5759 does anyone offer DeFi staking yet? 08:59:42
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@_discord_1065599681108918303:t2bot.ioAwais Khan#1839 Hi . I want to show nexa coin in my centralized exchange https://beinbit.com/ how can i do that??For now we have multiple networks from where we are getting coins and liquidity like Coinpayment,Bitgo,Bitcoin api but i cannot able to find nexa on these exchanges ..So please guide me how can i show nexa coin in my exchange? 10:54:31
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@_discord_882659673000517653:t2bot.ioKryptoKinG..👑#2568 !exchange 11:29:28
@_discord_1042114164090482798:t2bot.ioNexabot#2320 EXBITRON: https://www.exbitron.com/trading/nexausdt

TXBIT: https://txbit.io/Trade/NEXA/USDT

SAFETRADE: https://safe.trade/trading/nexausdt
@_discord_882659673000517653:t2bot.ioKryptoKinG..👑#2568 Awais Khan Nexa listed these above exchanges 11:29:41
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