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11 May 2023
In reply to @nyusternie:matrix.org

i see that Rostrum 8.1 has been pushed to crates.io 👍️

could you breakdown the hex being returned in the new https://bitcoinunlimited.gitlab.io/rostrum/protocol/methods/#blockchainblockget

or more specifically, how is this different from blockchain.block.headers??

Will have a look at it tomorrow
13 May 2023
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16 May 2023
@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomari sickpig:
while running some tests on the NexaJS wallet class, I constructed this tx which was successfully broadcasted via Rostrum (without a fee) https://explorer.nexa.org/tx/39cc671f49431201fd0a6c47c78fa5d80d11a8df229ce20ff227b68f26adbd2b

if i use sendrawtransaction directly from the node, then I receive:

error code: -26
error message:
66: mempool min fee not met
@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomarii'm wondering why Rostrum doesn't return that error?? 🤔22:13:16
@andrewstone:matrix.orgAndrew Stoneinteresting22:17:47
@andrewstone:matrix.orgAndrew Stonehey do you know about "./nexa-cli validaterawtransaction"?22:18:02
@andrewstone:matrix.orgAndrew Stonecan you write a bug in Rostrum here: https://gitlab.com/bitcoinunlimited/rostrum/-/issues22:19:12
@andrewstone:matrix.orgAndrew StoneI have a theory which is that in Bitcoin days you could push a tx directly into the mempool overriding any fee calc because you were assumed to know what you were doing if you were using the RPC interface. Maybe Rostrum is still using an API into nexad that does that. But it probably shouldn't22:20:26
@andrewstone:matrix.orgAndrew Stone(I'm not seeing your tx on my node either so it (properly) did not propagate)22:20:54
@andrewstone:matrix.orgAndrew Stone(sorry, gtg)22:21:01
In reply to @andrewstone:matrix.org
hey do you know about "./nexa-cli validaterawtransaction"?
I've never used it before until now .. interesting
In reply to @andrewstone:matrix.org
can you write a bug in Rostrum here: https://gitlab.com/bitcoinunlimited/rostrum/-/issues
17 May 2023
In reply to @nyusternie:matrix.org
i'm wondering why Rostrum doesn't return that error?? 🤔

This is due to the fact that I was asked to configure the node behind the explorer in such a way to accept 0 fee transactions

If you have used the rostrum instance linked to that node this is why it got accepted

Sorry for the inconvenience

@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomarino inconvenience lol .. thanks for the clarification08:25:53
@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomariI'll run some tests against my own Rostrum node later today; then close that issue if all is well 😉08:28:33
20 May 2023
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22 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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26 May 2023
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31 May 2023
@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomari hey Andrew Stone
i sent u dm last week wrt the multi-sig examples you provided to me earlier .. i'm very close, but I'm stuck on one thing (that I've so far identified) .. how do i generate the "Output constraint" from the "redeemscript" ??

based on the example values you provided, how do I convert:




@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomari sickpig
jQrgen ▽
any idea how to convert from a redeem script to the equivalent of a public key hash script?
@nyusternie:matrix.orgShomari the 00s on either end are a bit confusing to me as well .. if someone could explain how/why that works, would be much appreciated 🙏 22:19:19
1 Jun 2023
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