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19 Jun 2020
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29 Jun 2020
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@gunrayd:matrix.orggunraydadded some storage space to my certikd instance to accommodate growing chaindata, restarted the node and got certikd[1972]: failed to load Store: wanted to load target 1290914 but only found up to 855638 went with clearing state now it doesn't even start the sync..11:31:12
@gunrayd:matrix.orggunraydnot connecting to two seeds provided11:31:24
@gunrayd:matrix.orggunrayd1c5550c131c1d1ec747e8ecb5b932c7cf306115d@ de4c2266a6a6255585f8783b043baa7344d15abb@ 11:31:46
30 Jun 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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14 Jul 2020
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@mburn:matrix.orgmburni can't unjail after upgrade to 0.9 version20:50:24
@mburn:matrix.orgmburnrawlog: 'unauthorized: signature verification failed; verify correct account sequence and chain-id' 20:50:36
@mburn:matrix.orgmburnwhat can be wrong?20:50:44
15 Jul 2020
@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK FoundationHello mburn, you could try certikcli config chain-id shentu-118:51:53
@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK FoundationHowever, since we moved onto a new testnet with a clean chain history, you can join by following steps here https://github.com/certikfoundation/chain/releases/tag/v0.1018:52:37
@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK FoundationHello everyone, the incentive testnet is live, with this release. https://github.com/certikfoundation/chain/releases/tag/v0.1018:53:09
@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK FoundationPlease follow the link and set up your own node to participate in the incentive testnet, where you can reap actual CTK reward for the mainnet!18:53:52
16 Jul 2020
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18 Jul 2020
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9 Aug 2020
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11 Aug 2020
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9 Sep 2020
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16 Oct 2020
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26 Jan 2021
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28 Jan 2021
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22 Feb 2021
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28 Feb 2021
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16 Mar 2021
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