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29 Apr 2020
19:25:43@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK Foundation changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
19:26:39@rampantasian:matrix.orgrampantasian changed the join rule to "public" from "public".
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19:39:43@rampantasian:matrix.orgrampantasianchanged room power levels.
1 May 2020
15:15:50@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK Foundation
In reply to @animaross:matrix.org
4 May 2020
01:08:46@kerinovabit:matrix.orgkerinovabit joined the room.
01:10:36@kerinovabit:matrix.orgkerinovabitHello! Any iinformation about testnet schedule and rewards?
10 May 2020
14:19:47@willrhodes:matrix.orgwillrhodes joined the room.
11 May 2020
21:23:05@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK Foundation
In reply to @kerinovabit:matrix.org
Hello! Any iinformation about testnet schedule and rewards?
Hello! Not yet—as soon as we can share details, we will make sure to share them here
21:39:01@m37x:matrix.orgm37x joined the room.
13 May 2020
01:28:28@sunxmldapp:matrix.orgBi23 joined the room.
14 May 2020
09:27:33@mbgbuzzer:matrix.orgMBGBuzzer [4Block] joined the room.
09:27:47@mbgbuzzer:matrix.orgMBGBuzzer [4Block]Hi EvryOne)
13:41:27@mbgbuzzer:matrix.orgMBGBuzzer [4Block] CertiK Foundation: hi you here?
14:47:17@mbgbuzzer:matrix.orgMBGBuzzer [4Block] set a profile picture.
15 May 2020
02:04:59@mbgbuzzer:matrix.orgMBGBuzzer [4Block]Ok my node is online
13:40:03@mbgbuzzer:matrix.orgMBGBuzzer [4Block] changed their display name from mbgbuzzer to MBGBuzzer [4Block].
18:16:10@piobin:matrix.orgpiobin joined the room.
18 May 2020
06:04:06@orange74:matrix.orgorange74 joined the room.
26 May 2020
07:31:09@huglester:matrix.orghuglester joined the room.
07:31:35@huglester:matrix.orghuglesterwhat should be done in order to get additional delegation?
14:23:34@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK Foundation
In reply to @mbgbuzzer:matrix.org
Ok my node is online
Awesome! Sorry for the delay, let us know if you need anything else!
14:23:57@certik-foundation:matrix.orgCertiK Foundation
In reply to @huglester:matrix.org
what should be done in order to get additional delegation?
Can you explain further?

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