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15 Oct 2019
11:51:44@_discord_455161304395546625:t2bot.ioIvan_V⚧id The textures are in Red Eclipse/Sauerbraten so hope isn't lost yet
11:52:12@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender oh yikes we might not wanna touch sauerbaten
11:52:37@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender it has textures that they dont have the rights to use in it
11:52:48@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender like the quake door texture
11:54:30@_discord_455161304395546625:t2bot.ioIvan_V⚧id I'm now molesting Red Eclipse and only the TraK textures which are cc-by-sa license.
11:56:07@_discord_164400132823973890:t2bot.iotherektafire isn't only MIT BSD and cc0 acceptable for this project or am i mistaken
11:56:20@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender ur not mistaken
11:57:06@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender gpl stuff can be used but i want to adventualy get rid of all the glp stuff
11:57:23@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender so dont really look for gpl stuff
11:59:17@_discord_455161304395546625:t2bot.ioIvan_V⚧id what does constiture gpl license? cc-by-sa for example?
12:00:36@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/
12:00:39@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender oh it might work
12:00:51@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender it kinda like mit
12:00:59@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavenderRedacted or Malformed Event
12:01:01@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender it's
12:02:21@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender idk tho " indicate if changes were made"
could end up being hard to keep track of
12:03:30@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender keep contributions under the same license as the original.
idk if we should use it
12:03:53@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender because i really like the way the BSD licence works
12:04:03@_discord_164400132823973890:t2bot.iotherektafire Well technically unless its already a quake texture it would need to be changed anyway
12:04:12@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender true
12:05:03@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender the more i think about it the cc-by-sa kinda has the same issues as the gpl it just words it a bit nicer
12:08:10@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender https://github.com/MissLav/LibreQuartz/blob/master/COPYING.adoc
12:08:39@_discord_455161304395546625:t2bot.ioIvan_V⚧id I think it would be easier to create textures from real-life insipartion and release said textures under MIT/X11 license rather than search for textures with compatible licenses.
12:09:00@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender all u really have to do with the version of the bsd licence were using is give credit
12:09:00@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender yea
12:10:11@_discord_164400132823973890:t2bot.iotherektafire well i would need to do that 😛
12:10:23@_discord_164400132823973890:t2bot.iotherektafire which is why i have in fact been doing it
12:11:01@_discord_164400132823973890:t2bot.iotherektafire (referring to looking for textures with a compatible license)
12:11:56@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavenderRedacted or Malformed Event
12:12:52@_discord_109409377684848640:t2bot.ioMissLavender cc0 is the one we should stick to with looking for other assets

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