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15 Jan 2019
08:08:58@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>

@bpierre can you help me out figuring out how to use breakpoint with props?

08:09:34@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>
    max-width: ${({ maxwidth = 450 }) => maxwidth}px;
08:10:26@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>

not working :point_up_2_tone2:

08:16:56@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>

@bpierre can you help me how to figure out how to use breakpoint with props?

08:28:59@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>

this worked:

08:30:00@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>
${({ maxwidth = 450 }) =>
      max-width: ${maxwidth}px;

but looks very odd

08:30:24@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <bpierre>

Ah yes you can do this too

08:30:36@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <bpierre>

Or use css``

08:30:42@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <bpierre>


08:30:56@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <bpierre>

For the nested string

08:31:32@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <bpierre>

So that styled can interpolate the props inside of it too

08:31:33@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>

ahhh, let me give that a try and see which solution looks nicer

08:31:38@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot [rocketchat] <aquigorka>

thanks for the tip

16 Jan 2019
18:56:52@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <light>

perhaps someone here knows? https://aragon.chat/channel/general?msg=XDqFtuss6jK4pxBG3

20:42:41@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <bpierre>

@light replied :call_me:

20:42:49@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <bpierre>

@light replied :thumbsup:

17 Jan 2019
09:07:45@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

@bpierre and @sohkai I’ve created a follow up epic for the next iteration of responsive: https://github.com/aragon/aragon/issues/569

09:08:37@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

I plan using it to track issues/concerns/improvements that we’ve talked about and are not on the mvp

11:33:48@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

@bpierre I get this error when trying to npm start aragon/ui

11:34:20@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

It happens with master and next, and I did do npm i

11:34:22@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

any tips?

11:35:49@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <bpierre>

Did you try running npm i in the gallery directory as well?

11:38:11@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

I think so, let me give it another go

11:39:12@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

ahh, some errors, let me figure these out and I’ll let you know

11:50:17@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

yay! now it works!

11:50:52@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

although I had to remove "@aragon/ui": "file:.." from package.json, then npm i and then npm start

18 Jan 2019
09:41:55@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

@bpierre is it possible the aragon-apps don’t have react-spring as a dependency? If so, which version do we support?

09:45:21@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

Wow, yeah, only Voting and Survey have the dependency

09:45:45@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <aquigorka>

Did not occur to me to check, I’ll update the Token Manager and Finance PRs

10:03:02@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <bpierre>

👍 and the version can be the latest one, Aragon UI has its own version so it won’t conflict

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