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3 Mar 2024
@krislec:matrix.orgkrislecHi everyone.15:02:53
@krislec:matrix.orgkrislecI would like to know how to be notified of a new version ? 15:04:24
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexSubscribe to github notifications 15:05:04
Download Screenshot_20240303-160534.png
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexSelect custom and then releases15:06:30
@danig:matrix.orgdanigThere's also https://github.com/dani-garcia/vaultwarden/releases.atom if you use an RSS client15:07:14
@krislec:matrix.orgkrislecOk. Thanks.15:07:38
@krislec:matrix.orgkrislecAnd from docker ? 15:22:05
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexCheck the admin/diagnostics page15:37:11
@kevin:km6g.usKevin P. FlemingIf you are using container images, you may be able to subscribe to a feed from the registry where you obtain the images.16:38:42
4 Mar 2024
@pansi21:matrix.orgPanSi21question: Is it possible to send a personalised e-mail to all service subscribers? example. if i need to do maintenance and want to warn my users that from day to day the service will not be available. apart from taking mail one by one on /admin i have not found any other way.03:45:46
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexExtract it from the database? The admin also has a json endpoint. Not (well) documented05:25:56
@minerpl:matrix.orgminerpl joined the room.11:06:37
@minerpl:matrix.orgminerplHello, does anyone have a problem with U2F logging after upgrading vaultwarden to the latest version?11:07:26
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDex Maybe it's better too tell what your issue is. And what you see in the logs, and if there are any errors reported in the admin/diagnostics overview 11:08:49
@minerpl:matrix.orgminerplI checked admin/diatnostics and everything looks good11:09:29
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@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexSo, what issue do you see when you try to login using MFA11:10:11
In reply to @blackdex:matrix.org
So, what issue do you see when you try to login using MFA
Infinity loading after touching yubico
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexCould be security headers which are not set correctly. Or added11:10:59
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexCheck the F12 developer console if you see any errors there11:11:21
@minerpl:matrix.orgminerplfunny thing, now everything work 11:11:32
@minerpl:matrix.orgminerplbefore writing the post me and my friend from Yubico tried to log in and we both couldn't11:11:32
@minerpl:matrix.orgminerplthen as long as it works I don't touch it, I hope it won't suddenly break down again11:13:01
@andreas:due.renAndreas Düren joined the room.11:31:40
In reply to @blackdex:matrix.org
Extract it from the database? The admin also has a json endpoint. Not (well) documented
endpoint json? where?
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDex`admin/users` if I'm correct 13:31:48
@blackdex:matrix.orgBlackDexIt will return a json13:32:01

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