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11 Dec 2023
@zayd:envs.netZaydam i going to register for a random site i found through a johvertisement? of course!04:28:54
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sent an image.
me fr
@root:kimapr.netkimaprif i make a site with a gender selection i'll make it "Prefer to say" and "Prefer not to say"04:31:02
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@zayd:envs.netZaydapparently your account starts out having liked literally all of the posts on the site04:32:25
@zayd:envs.netZaydnot all actually04:34:09

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@zayd:envs.netZaydbut all of the ones on the home page04:34:15
@root:kimapr.netkimapr Cat Disruptor 04:39:11
@root:kimapr.netkimaprdid my hs die again04:39:25
@zayd:envs.netZaydi can see your stuff04:39:31
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@root:kimapr.netkimaprthat is nice04:39:47
@zayd:envs.netZaydi'm pretty sure you can just put whatever js you want in a xssbook post04:40:30
@root:kimapr.netkimaprthat's why it's called that04:40:58
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@root:kimapr.netkimaprundefined 31, 202304:48:04
@jason:littlevortex.netjasonLettuce reminds me of muff cabbage04:48:58
@jason:littlevortex.netjasonWhy did they choose that one?04:49:09
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Why did they choose that one?
@jason:littlevortex.netjasonOf all the things they could have inserted as a third option, they chose 'lettuce'?04:58:39
In reply to @jason:littlevortex.net
Of all the things they could have inserted as a third option, they chose 'lettuce'?
"In the future, humor will be randomly generated"
@jason:littlevortex.netjasonShoot, you aren't kidding. Unfortunately, that also means it may not be funny05:01:37
@robert:envs.net@robert:envs.net left the room.05:02:43
@r.t.redreovic:envs.netRT Redréovič Funny Sticks 05:04:11

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