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8 Dec 2020
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteSpyware has changed drastically01:11:56
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegotethere is now a public market for data so companies can afford to put more time and effort into their spyware, making them more feature rich and competitive than actually non malware products and programs01:12:31
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteHow do you monetize something for free? besides opt in I really dont know01:12:54
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteI dont know much about computer programming magic.01:13:31
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegotenitro doesn't offer much that they didn't just arbitrarily gate, but people are willing to pay for it01:13:44
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegotehaving them (paid features) work on the main instance only via verified hash is an idea, but that requires centralization afaik, and theres no gaurentee it would be easy to do.01:14:33
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegotea lot of youtube alternatives will just never get off the ground due to lack of advertising needed to keep these content creators afloat01:15:19
@ophiuchus2:matrix.orgophiuchus2another problem with advertisers is they can dictate what content is allowed to be on the platform, constantly threaten to pull ads and essentially control the business01:22:18
@ophiuchus2:matrix.orgophiuchus2one idea i had was to offer paid content like nitro, but require users to pay with crypto tokens (ETH, ERC-20 tokens). the fee structure could be divided to incentivize hosting. for example, the "home" server could get 80% of the fees, 15% goes to all hosting providers collectively and the remaining 5% goes to token holders.01:28:11
@ophiuchus2:matrix.orgophiuchus2so anybody could host a server and register via a smart contract to join the 15% pool. we would need some kind of mechanism in place to ensure that the registered instances are valid. 01:31:39
9 Dec 2020
@_neb_github_=40ophiuchus2=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@ophiuchus2:matrix.org] [ophiuchus2/wrongthink] ophiuchus2 pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/ophiuchus2/wrongthink/commit/ac1c83ca948468bb80086ddcc8c2035537c2ad07
ophiuchus2: add authentication code update rpc testing class add test for ban users (not finished)
ophiuchus2: Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ophiuchus2/wrongthink
9 Jan 2021
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13 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021
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24 Jan 2021
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26 Jan 2021
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteBack again15:49:13
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegote We are not ignoring your email. As previously discussed, we will not be removing the phone verification requirement on your account, and you'll be required to register a phone number to your Discord account in order to continue the use of it. Best, Sir Dante15:49:19
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteThis just got rolled out on me15:49:27
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteso I decided while the anger is hot I would like to ask you a few questions15:49:39
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteOne: How often do you work on wrong think a week/month in hours?15:49:56
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteTwo: How much would I have to pay you an hour to work more ?15:50:06
@ophiuchus2:matrix.orgophiuchus2 I have recently been involved in some crypto related side projects, so I haven't had much time to work on wrongthink over the past 1.5 months. I haven't forgotten about it and fully intend to continue development once my crypto stuff calms down. 15:59:57
@ophiuchus2:matrix.orgophiuchus2I think it's needed now more than ever, a real solution to the censorship problems.16:02:33
@ophiuchus2:matrix.orgophiuchus2The most I can put in is probably ~10 hours a week. The problem is I have a full time tech job which takes up a lot of time, ideally we would need to attract more developers to this project.16:03:52
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteWell I am willing to fund it16:18:56
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteeven if its an hour a week only16:19:00
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegotePlease consider my offer16:19:06
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegotea man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones16:19:32
@scapegote:matrix.orgscapegoteI can pay in crypto if needed21:31:22

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