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25 Jul 2018
09:10:36@mylo5ha5:matrix.orgmylo5ha5Looks like discord link jammed up
13 Aug 2018
04:03:24@webworker01:matrix.orgwebworker01 changed their profile picture.
15 Aug 2018
21:44:45@_discord_455741312273219595:t2bot.iojl777c#5810 changed their display name from jl777c to jl777c#5810.
31 Aug 2018
23:08:22@siddhartha_crypto:matrix.org@siddhartha_crypto:matrix.org left the room.
14 Sep 2018
16:41:36@mylo5ha5:matrix.orgmylo5ha5 set a profile picture.
4 Oct 2018
17:36:29@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 changed their display name from lootz to lootz#2749.
17 Nov 2018
05:26:42@crisf:matrix.orgCrisF left the room.
7 Dec 2018
23:14:00@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 removed their profile picture.
8 Dec 2018
04:50:46@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 set a profile picture.
23:27:19@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 changed their profile picture.
12 Dec 2018
21:42:08@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat invited @noashh:komodo.chatnoashh2.
14 Dec 2018
13:06:53@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat changed their display name from noashh-komodo to noashh-komodo (Old).
13:15:57@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat changed their display name from noashh-komodo (Old) to noashh-komodo.
15 Dec 2018
19:35:06@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 changed their profile picture.
19:36:22@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 changed their profile picture.
19 Dec 2018
22:13:35@noashh:komodo.chatnoashh2 joined the room.
23 Dec 2018
17:41:53@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat changed their display name from noashh-komodo to noashh-old.
17:45:34@noashh:komodo.chatnoashh2 changed their display name from noashh-komodo to noashh.
22:26:00@noashh:komodo.chatnoashh2 changed their display name from noashh to noashh2.
26 Dec 2018
19:47:30@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat changed their display name from noashh-old to noashh1.
18 Jan 2019
11:19:44@jusoaresf:matrix.org@jusoaresf:matrix.org removed their profile picture.
11:23:17@jusoaresf:matrix.org@jusoaresf:matrix.org set a profile picture.
11:23:27@jusoaresf:matrix.org@jusoaresf:matrix.org removed their profile picture.
11:24:11@jusoaresf:matrix.org@jusoaresf:matrix.org set a profile picture.
12 Feb 2019
09:14:44@jusoaresf:matrix.org@jusoaresf:matrix.org removed their profile picture.
17 Feb 2019
14:42:50@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat set a profile picture.
26 Feb 2019
10:46:52@jusoaresf:matrix.org@jusoaresf:matrix.org left the room.
27 Feb 2019
23:05:29@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat changed their display name from noashh1 to noashh.
21 Mar 2019
23:33:32@_discord_237755205784043522:t2bot.ioLoo✟z#2749 changed their display name from lootz#2749 to 𝕃𝕠𝕠𝕋𝕫#2749.
20 Apr 2019
10:50:05@snoa:matrix.orgnoashh-now-on-rocketchat changed their display name from noashh to noashh-now-on-rocketchat.

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