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7 Mar 2021
@accountsonfire:matrix.orgaccountsonfireFormat obsolesence - I don't know how easy it is to read floppy disks these days10:57:57
@corsair_f4u:matrix.orgCorsairi think my pc can10:59:12
@corsair_f4u:matrix.orgCorsairi dont know why im still here10:59:23
@lowlander1_:matrix.org~lowlander~I still remember the pre-internet days of the BBS 11:17:42
@corsair_f4u:matrix.orgCorsairwhat did the dinosaurs look like hm?11:19:11
@lowlander1_:matrix.org~lowlander~Without those early experiments there would be no internet today. If you want to have a look at some BBS examples still running today look at: https://syncterm.bbsdev.net/11:28:27
@tsundere_jesus:matrix.orgLamar Davis changed their display name from Tobacco Coom to Tsun Tsun Jesus.17:06:49
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@tsundere_jesus:matrix.orgLamar Davis changed their display name from Tsun Tsun Jesus to Lamar.19:34:05
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@corsair_f4u:matrix.orgCorsair changed their display name from Corsair? to Corsair.19:41:52
@corsair_f4u:matrix.orgCorsair changed their profile picture.19:42:08
@tsundere_jesus:matrix.orgLamar Davis changed their display name from Lamar to Lamar Davis.20:07:20
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@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeek changed their profile picture.20:53:20
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolracI am done22:35:00
@lsolrac:matrix.orgSolracSo done.22:35:11
@zeekdeek:matrix.orgZeekWhat's wrong? 22:35:13
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@keika:matrix.orgkei changed their profile picture.22:37:48
@keika:matrix.orgkei changed their profile picture.22:38:41

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