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Microtonal or/and macrotonal music fan club. Sharing new music, ideas, papers, instruments and other stuff related to the topic. If you're not familiar with the terms please read first: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenharmonic_music26 Servers

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26 Dec 2020
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Sevish — Bubble (listening party for new Sevish album)

Join me on December 26th at 8pm UTC and be among the first to hear my new album 'Bubble' in full.
Bubble will be released to Bandcamp and streaming services on January 1st. This premiere is your one chance to hear the album before its official release!
All tracks were written in 2019/2020, everything microtonal (22edo, 7edo and JI).


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27 Dec 2020

E8 Heterotic — Elements — Air

31 EDO


26 Dec 2020
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27 Dec 2020
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28 Dec 2020
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29 Dec 2020
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052 - Eric Ederer
31 Dec 2020
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5 Jan 2021
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6 Jan 2021
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7 Jan 2021
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8 Jan 2021
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11 Jan 2021

Sevish — Starfish

22edo microtonal music



Sevish — Bubble

Album [LP]



  1. Plot Hole 07:00 [just intonation (harmonics approx 22edo)]
  2. You Tell Me 04:48 [just intonation (Kraig Grady’s Centaur tuning)]
  3. Some Things Must 06:21 [22edo]
  4. Fuschiamarine 03:25 [7edo]
  5. Starfish 04:28 [22edo, 7edo]
  6. Dream Up 04:11 [22edo+]
  7. Some Things Must Reprise 01:08 [22edo]
  8. Almighty Fractal 10:47 [just intonation (tetrachordal)]

BUBBLE — A mesmerising and addictive mix of beats, microtonal melodies and electronic atmospheres.
If you wanted a continuation of Sevish's unique sound world, this is it.

Released January 1, 2021

Download a2867356719_10.jpg
12 Jan 2021
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052B - Subhraag Singh
17 Jan 2021
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