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Microtonal or/and macrotonal music fan club. Sharing new music, ideas, papers, instruments and other stuff related to the topic. If you're not familiar with the terms please read first: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenharmonic_music21 Servers

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29 Jan 2020

Elements - Earth

22 EDO


5 Feb 2020
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30 Jan 2020

Tolgahan Çoğulu — Lego Microtonal Guitar


8 Feb 2020

Dolores Catherino - EXPANSE

PolyChromatic composition


9 Feb 2020

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Sometimes I hate you.


suhr: hate who? where did you find this message?

22:52:51@suhr:matrix.orgsuhr @unclechu-m:matrix.org: Facebook asks me to login.
22:53:16@suhr:matrix.orgsuhrI do not have a fb account and neither want to create one.
22:55:13@suhr:matrix.orgsuhrI just wanted to know what's up.
22:56:44@unclechu:matrix.orgunclechui wasn't even aware this facebook group exists, i'm not a facebook user too, so i have no idea who you were referring to by "you"
23:00:50@suhr:matrix.orgsuhrOh, I see. Strange, it feels like microtonal world is small...
23:02:41@suhr:matrix.orgsuhrAnd there's not so many places to know about. But probably that's only my perception.
11 Feb 2020
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3030 or 2020? - Sevish, Benyamind, Xotla
14 Feb 2020
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25 Feb 2020
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ZIA Trapezoid — 2020 Mobius



EP on bandcamp

18:58:27@twily:pony.modular.imTwily *

ZIA Trapezoid — 2020 Mobius



EP on bandcamp

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26 Feb 2020
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Miracle[31] - Paul Erlich
27 Feb 2020
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3/2 + a 12th tone - Robert Lopez-Hanshaw
4 Mar 2020
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8 Mar 2020
22:23:39@twily:pony.modular.imTwily Индийская музыка. Теория строёв. 66 шрути.
language: 🇷🇺 russian
22:25:43@twily:pony.modular.imTwilyin the description of the video there are interesting links to sources in english
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22 Mar 2020
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033 - Aaron Krister Johnson
23 Mar 2020

Sevish - Marooned at Home

mavila tuning


27 Mar 2020
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034 - Hunter Ewen
2 Apr 2020
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