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18 Feb 2020
03:51:55@boz_menzalji:matrix.orgboz_menzaljiare you attempting to launch a riot chat client?
03:52:51@boz_menzalji:matrix.orgboz_menzalji danila_master, have any insights? :)
03:53:44@toks:matrix.orgtoksill try one more time
03:55:19@toks:matrix.orgtoksade39d817ee2e8d43458719c09efb161c9603cd661729115fc113031b2fd1b0b/1/2..... hanging on waiting for fulfillments atm
03:55:32@toks:matrix.orgtoks(FYI I curled the riot.yaml becasue copy pasting screwed up the formatting)
04:01:37@toks:matrix.orgtoksScreenshot from 2020-02-18 11-01-02.png
Screenshot from 2020-02-18 11-01-02.png
04:01:39@toks:matrix.orgtoks3rd deployment hanging
04:03:02@toks:matrix.orgtokstldr deployments: ade39d817ee2e8d43458719c09efb161c9603cd661729115fc113031b2fd1b0b && 76182d66a29010b750fe6515664561ea86ff88708a932ede7fd0ede96500ec2a -- both hang.... the one 'successful'(?) deployment completed but was CLOSED/available==0 on deployment ,, d293b9936c1170a324efa5d88261f5c4baf70c6d780158e85c9db17811abbba5/1/2/a033e7b1768b2d05c26a71754c2811f6758b6f6434b1f5cbc2d7f25dbc2607e1

hmm, very strange. would love to be of more help, im not technical though - im bd/partnerships/ops :)

hopefully @anilcse:matrix.org's team is online or @astroboyrgukt:matrix.org

04:27:13@toks:matrix.orgtoksnp will wait for the team, thanks for your help so far either way :)
In reply to @toks:matrix.org
np will wait for the team, thanks for your help so far either way :)
thank YOU for your patience!
04:31:40@boz_menzalji:matrix.orgboz_menzaljiHow'd you find out about Akash btw?
04:37:55@toks:matrix.orgtoksthrough the guys at Kava
04:38:03@boz_menzalji:matrix.orgboz_menzaljioh awesome
04:38:41@boz_menzalji:matrix.orgboz_menzaljiwe're very close with Kava, Cosmos/Tendermint's team
05:20:15@toks:matrix.orgtoksyea theyre also a great group of guys (fyi that 3rd deployment ending in 1b0b) is still waiting on fulfillment(s) ... im letting it hang for the time being
05:31:04@gosuri:matrix.orggosurichanged room power levels.
11:55:14@danila_master:matrix.orgDanil Ushakov changed their display name from danila_master to Danil Ushakov.
20:37:05@anilcse:matrix.org@anilcse:matrix.org Hey toks: I am trying to debug the issue. I will update you on that.
21:28:28@anilcse:matrix.org@anilcse:matrix.orgYet to figureout the issue but kill/re-deploy is working for now
21:28:42@anilcse:matrix.org@anilcse:matrix.org * Yet to figureout the issue but kill/re-deploy is working for now
19 Feb 2020
03:14:52@toks:matrix.orgtoksdoesnt seem to work for me
03:15:02@toks:matrix.orgtoksgetting stuck at waiting to create buy order(s) for 1 deployment groups
03:15:16@toks:matrix.orgtoks59aa41ff8284ace4db59ace4d8c50861d0b1a599e50c162a29f668e351b2597a ,, 132e6001ff8e33f194be82a511e178a1c28604b96517842729fadb58b9ff871f
03:22:34@toks:matrix.orgtoksI spun up a new VM instanec on the same IP, re-curled yaml, chmod 777 - just in case....deployment completed third time around but same situation with available==0
03:22:42@toks:matrix.orgtoksservice unavailable when I browse web
03:23:30@toks:matrix.orgtoksScreenshot from 2020-02-19 10-23-12.png
Screenshot from 2020-02-19 10-23-12.png

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