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7 Oct 2018
05:31:40@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter)angular app.
05:32:02@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) (edited) angular app. => In angular app.
10:55:46@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) @shahfaisal98 please, can you provide some info: os version, browser model and version , size of the pad, number of concurrent users, duration of the session?
10:57:05@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter)at this moment we are working in a new version of both, jetpad and swellrt, but your issue could be inherited. If we found the cause we can provide a patch for the current jetpad.
8 Oct 2018
05:18:40@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) Windows-10, Chrome(latest version) ,
number of concurrent users: 10, duration of the session: within 5 minutes only.
05:19:12@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter)yes, please provide me the latest current version.
05:19:32@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) (edited) ... latest current version. => ... latest version.
3 Apr 2019
11:39:24@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter) joined the room.
11:39:25@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter) After Running the swellrt latest server locally, (downloaded the zip from giturl, as clone didn't work) I couldn't find swellrt.Editor.createWithId and Range property. Only swellrt.Editor.create exists and when opening the text editor the response doesn't has controller object like in jetpad. So I am not able to run collaborative editor. I am missing anything. Please help. Thanks for considering
12:46:49@gitter_haraldjordan78:matrix.orgharaldjordan78 (Gitter) joined the room.
12:46:51@gitter_haraldjordan78:matrix.orgharaldjordan78 (Gitter) https://github.com/SwellRT/swellrt/releases/tag/2.1.0-beta
12:46:52@gitter_haraldjordan78:matrix.orgharaldjordan78 (Gitter)did you check out a release?
14:03:10@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter) Thanks for your quick response ... Yes checked
getAnnotation and seekTextAnnotations and Range are not found but those methods are used in jetpad
25 Apr 2019
11:13:17@gitter_ismoez:matrix.orgIsmoez (Gitter) joined the room.
11:13:17@gitter_ismoez:matrix.orgIsmoez (Gitter)is there getUsers?
11:13:31@gitter_ismoez:matrix.orgIsmoez (Gitter)to get all registered users
19:10:47@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) @Ismoez @sirinath @jagatheesh666 the project is still active, I am the main developer, but I am ou5
19:11:30@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter)... But I am on a trip. I will reply you all next week.
7 May 2019
13:01:37@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter) @pablojan editor.addWidget(String: type; String state) found in the documentation "https://github.com/SwellRT/swellrt/wiki/Collaborative-Text-Editor" But when I run "swellrt-2.1.0-beta" editor.addWidget not available in editor object any other alternate method added in this version for addin widget dynamically in editor... Thanks for considering
13:02:28@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter) (edited) ... for addin widget ... => ... for adding widget ...
13:03:13@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter) (edited) ... "swellrt-2.1.0-beta" editor.addWidget not ... => ... "swellrt-2.1.0-beta" addWidget method not ...
9 May 2019
10:56:39@gitter_jagatheesh666:matrix.orgJagatheesh (Gitter)How do i register a widget?
7 Jul 2019
15:54:30@vtill:matrix.orgvtill joined the room.
16:02:45@vtill:matrix.orgvtill set a profile picture.
25 Aug 2019
04:54:56@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org joined the room.
04:55:04@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org left the room.
23 Sep 2019
05:31:06@gitter_seybi_gitlab:matrix.orgseybi (Gitter) joined the room.
05:31:07@gitter_seybi_gitlab:matrix.orgseybi (Gitter)I created an image widget and its working fine, i need to copy paste the widget in document and its not working how can I do this?
1 Oct 2019
07:31:46@gitter_seybi_gitlab:matrix.orgseybi (Gitter) @pablojan I am using MutableDocumentImpl.createElement(Point<N> point, String tagName, Map<String, String> attributes)... element is created in the doc, but I pass in 3 attributes only "class" gets applied... Attributes appear if I call getImplNodelet().setAttribute after creating the element. But even then it doesn't appear to be collaborative ie the same attributes doesn't get updated in the other participants. Am I doing wrong? Please help me out. Thanks for considering!
5 Dec 2019
23:58:19@gitter_akiross:matrix.org@gitter_akiross:matrix.org left the room.

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