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12 Jun 2018
06:38:38@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter)And thank you for trying swellrt
06:38:56@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter)*setPublic(true)
21:07:00@gitter_akiross:matrix.orgAlessandro "AkiRoss" Re (Gitter) Thanks @pablojan! No worries, for the late answer, my "weekend project" is in fact going pretty slow :)
21:08:38@gitter_akiross:matrix.orgAlessandro "AkiRoss" Re (Gitter) Thank you very much for your answer. I am writing a tutorial explaining what I am doing, and I would love to spread the word and help swellrt in some way, I think it is very cool and more apps should use it :)
21:10:03@gitter_akiross:matrix.orgAlessandro "AkiRoss" Re (Gitter)Do you have a patreon or something like that? I could help a bit the project
13 Jun 2018
11:23:03@gitter_akiross:matrix.orgAlessandro "AkiRoss" Re (Gitter)Also, is there a way to enable a debug/non-minified mode when developing on docker? I looked inside the docker image and I could find a(n apparently) debug version of swellrt, but it is not clear how to access it
11:43:17@gitter_akiross:matrix.orgAlessandro "AkiRoss" Re (Gitter)I tried setting the object public, but the error is still there. Is it because I am using the root object?
2 Jul 2018
10:45:58@gitter_benparsons:matrix.orgBen Parsons (Gitter) joined the room.
10:45:59@gitter_benparsons:matrix.orgBen Parsons (Gitter)hello SwellRT community!
10:46:29@gitter_benparsons:matrix.orgBen Parsons (Gitter)I just learned about the project and am interested in the use of matrix in federation
10:47:00@gitter_benparsons:matrix.orgBen Parsons (Gitter)

the readme says

SwellRT servers can be federated using XMPP and Matrix.org protocol. Sorry, we are still writting the configuration guide. Please contact us for furhter information.

10:47:13@gitter_benparsons:matrix.orgBen Parsons (Gitter) so I'd like to know where to look for more info
10:47:14@gitter_benparsons:matrix.orgBen Parsons (Gitter)thanks!
3 Aug 2018
19:15:37@gitter_k1nk33:matrix.orgk1nk33 (Gitter) joined the room.
19:15:40@gitter_k1nk33:matrix.orgk1nk33 (Gitter) Hey guys. I've just started working on a collaborative app using the swellrt api. So far I've managed to add a collaborative text editor but I would like to apply the same functionality to a editable table. Any pointers or general direction would be brilliant. Thanks in advance.
7 Aug 2018
09:37:56@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) Hi @/all we've released new version 2.0.0-beta https://github.com/P2Pvalue/swellrt/releases/tag/2.0.0-beta
09:38:17@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter)it has several major changes in the API and a lot of bug fixes
18 Sep 2018
03:39:42@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) joined the room.
03:39:42@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) Thanks for the updates @pablojan
08:27:47@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) @shahfaisal98 very welcome, new version is out ;) https://github.com/SwellRT/swellrt/releases/tag/2.0.2-beta
24 Sep 2018
17:37:14@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) Hi All, new release is out! Federation with Matrix! https://github.com/SwellRT/swellrt/releases/tag/2.1.0-beta
1 Oct 2018
16:29:58@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) @pablojan is there any update or new release of Jetpad(angular)
I am facing a problem of memory utilization of existing release. it uses 75% of CPU utilization.
6 Oct 2018
16:33:16@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) Hi @shahfaisal98 I guess that memory consumption is in the backend (swellrt) or in the angular app?
7 Oct 2018
05:31:40@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter)angular app.
05:32:02@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) (edited) angular app. => In angular app.
10:55:46@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter) @shahfaisal98 please, can you provide some info: os version, browser model and version , size of the pad, number of concurrent users, duration of the session?
10:57:05@gitter_pablojan:matrix.orgPablo Ojanguren (Gitter)at this moment we are working in a new version of both, jetpad and swellrt, but your issue could be inherited. If we found the cause we can provide a patch for the current jetpad.
8 Oct 2018
05:18:40@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) Windows-10, Chrome(latest version) ,
number of concurrent users: 10, duration of the session: within 5 minutes only.
05:19:12@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter)yes, please provide me the latest current version.
05:19:32@gitter_shahfaisal98:matrix.orgShah Faisal (Gitter) (edited) ... latest current version. => ... latest version.

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