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20 Dec 2019
21:09:56@_discord_476567117286866947:t2bot.ioWellington changed their display name from Well#4385 to Well.
21 Dec 2019
19:17:31@ute:ggc-project.deute joined the room.
22 Dec 2019
21:26:07@louisa:privacytools.iolouisa joined the room.
24 Dec 2019
14:27:51@kai:kde.orgkai joined the room.
1 Jan 2020
00:18:06@_discord_661724436407255101:t2bot.iojuanmanuel medeiros montero $ joined the room.
00:18:14@_discord_661724436407255101:t2bot.iojuanmanuel medeiros montero $ changed their display name from juanmanuel medeiros montero $ to juanmanuel medeiros montero $#2702.
00:18:21@_discord_661724436407255101:t2bot.iojuanmanuel medeiros montero $ changed their display name from juanmanuel medeiros montero $#2702 to juanmanuel medeiros montero $.
09:12:59@_discord_263611255657332737:t2bot.ioGaultGame joined the room.
2 Jan 2020
16:20:37@_discord_343850601446375426:t2bot.ioPorcaMiseria changed their display name from NoFumes to PorcaMiseria#9678.
16:20:42@_discord_343850601446375426:t2bot.ioPorcaMiseria changed their display name from PorcaMiseria#9678 to PorcaMiseria.
4 Jan 2020
12:36:31@cornelia:converser.eucornelia joined the room.
6 Jan 2020
19:02:33@kajetan:junta.plkajetan joined the room.
23:28:43@shiva:diasp.inshiva joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
11:54:28@diniyar:sibnsk.netdiniyar joined the room.
17:24:08@louis:perthchat.orglouis joined the room.
10 Jan 2020
17:28:43@ismael:hispagatos.org@ismael:hispagatos.org left the room.
11 Jan 2020
16:49:57@lena:tomesh.netlena joined the room.
12 Jan 2020
06:00:14@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io joined the room.
06:00:37@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io changed their display name from sharpie to sharpie#3899.
06:00:41@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io changed their display name from sharpie#3899 to sharpie.
06:01:01@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io@_discord_623363663646031873:t2bot.io left the room.
24 Jan 2020
23:17:19@ada:matrix.allmende.ioada joined the room.
26 Jan 2020
03:54:21@easyjim:matrix.org@easyjim:matrix.org joined the room.
27 Jan 2020
11:10:19@easyjim:matrix.org@easyjim:matrix.org left the room.
30 Jan 2020
18:27:01@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_672508029190537256:t2bot.ionhu+.
18:27:02@_discord_672508029190537256:t2bot.ionhu+ joined the room.
18:27:25@_discord_672508029190537256:t2bot.ionhu+ changed their display name from nhu+ to nhu+#3910.
18:27:26@_discord_672508029190537256:t2bot.ionhu+ changed their display name from nhu+#3910 to nhu+.
2 Feb 2020
12:18:43@rayan:hackerspaces.berayan joined the room.
12:18:49@sesh:feneas.orgsesh joined the room.

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