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28 Sep 2023
@simpinfestedfuckhole:matrix.orgsimpinfestedfuckholeeating at a restaurant somewhere 22:37:52
@simpinfestedfuckhole:matrix.orgsimpinfestedfuckholetrying to survive in an island 22:38:08
29 Sep 2023
@creepyuncle:matrix.thisisjoes.siteDramaUncleher nastiness finally paid05:09:09
@creepyuncle:matrix.thisisjoes.siteDramaUnclegoing to ER for ass infection05:09:32
@jinjinyep:matrix.thisisjoes.sitejinjinyepMight need operation, ended stream getting on the bus to her house, Mom will take her to real hospital, she said she will update later06:11:57
@goku3:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegoku3having an infection sucks but it isnt a huge deal, just keep it clean, change the dressing and take your antibiotics.06:13:48
In reply to @goku3:matrix.thisisjoes.site
having an infection sucks but it isnt a huge deal, just keep it clean, change the dressing and take your antibiotics.
Keeping it clean and taking your antibiotics on time is going to be a problem with her, I can see that getting reinfected because she thinks shes healthy and wants to leave Korea
@takixe:matrix.thisisjoes.sitetakixewas that 20h40m stream her 24h stream or is she still doing a proper 24h stream on the 30th like she said?10:52:56
@gusser:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegussershe wants to do another one10:53:51
In reply to @creepyuncle:matrix.thisisjoes.site
going to ER for ass infection
bro the fuck?
In reply to @vlord:matrix.thisisjoes.site
bro the fuck?
@ghoscht:matrix.ghoscht.comghoscht joined the room.22:08:51
@oaty:matrix.thisisjoes.siteoatyRedacted or Malformed Event22:32:31
@incelarmy7:matrix.orgincelarmy7Redacted or Malformed Event23:47:50
30 Sep 2023
@xlm:matrix.thisisjoes.sitexlmso she can't farm the full subtember because of hospital ass or below ass infection. subtember ends in 22 hours09:14:51
@xlm:matrix.thisisjoes.sitexlmlet's see if or how she will do a stream after surgery or whatever09:16:17
@gusser:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegusserunlucky, can't farm subs and getting her ass amputated09:26:12
@gusser:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegusserthat'll teach her not to piss in the pool and not change her clothes, or maybe not09:27:11
In reply to @tokki:matrix.thisisjoes.site
jinny is a bit like mr beast when he got started on youtube and before he upscaled his business
stream a lot of really stupid content
that's extraemily, jinny just does tourism streams now
@goku3:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegoku3jinny mixes tourism with girlfriend sim. jaystreazy is more pure tourism.13:16:58
In reply to @ttyfan:matrix.org
looking at this now after her ad segment is done. it does look sus that she kept the same 5.5k twitch users and got up to 2k+ extra viewers during the #ad. as soon as it ended, there was a huge drop in total viewers.
i didnt know there were so many people interested in #AD !Koreaboo
some brands will bot AD segments, seen it a bunch over the years
@goku3:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegoku3i get it though when i watch female irl streams i want a certain percentage of face cam13:19:26
@goku3:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegoku3yuggie might be too much face cam though, her eating segments seem to go for hours 😂13:19:59
@gusser:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegusserstreaming after all13:20:05
Download image.png
@randomnewguy:matrix.thisisjoes.siterandomnewguywants the money13:21:35
@goku3:matrix.thisisjoes.sitegoku3feeding kevin and rat dog barking feelsstrongman 13:29:21
@jinjinyep:matrix.thisisjoes.sitejinjinyepThis is what it looks like: https://www.twitch.tv/jinnytty/clip/HappyArbitraryEchidnaBCouch-JKZ8PQggdesTmUGk?featured=false&filter=clips&range=24hr&sort=time13:51:34
@jinjinyep:matrix.thisisjoes.sitejinjinyepStill thinks this will magically be better in a couple days to fly to America to meet Yuggie 🤦‍♂️13:53:32
@doomgoy:matrix.thisisjoes.sitedoomgoylooks like a huge pimple, what happens if she pops it?14:14:52

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