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29 Sep 2021
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30 Sep 2021
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1 Oct 2021
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2 Oct 2021
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3 Oct 2021
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4 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021
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10 Oct 2021
@boelsrental:matrix.orgboelsrental hmm. is that bad? il ltry no mods first. most mods are tyrants. 10:37:15
In reply to @teslas_moustache:matrix.org
This room has Nazis in it and no mods. I'd suggest going to #preparedness:matrix.org instead.
* hmm. is that bad? il ltry no mods first. most mods are tyrants.
In reply to @teslas_moustache:matrix.org
Biggest dangers to me and the people that I love are climate change and fascists.
In reply to @mrsteve:arkmuse.org
Moderators are mostly so high up on their own farts that there is no standard of anything happening.
The best thing still would be, how I said, a "bottom up" solution instead of a "top down" one.
high on their own farts, confirmed :)
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos Stephanus
In reply to @boelsrental:matrix.org
hmm. is that bad? il ltry no mods first. most mods are tyrants.
Yes and No.
It is a graveyard to the degree that most conversation seems to be the lack of moderation and politics instead of actual prepping.
It got so bad that a off-spring german prepping channel (which is then again an off-spring of a channel related to communication during a black out) has more activity than this graveyard.
Best wait till someone makes a dedicated server instead of this (depending on who organizes it) and maybe then it will go somewhere...
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos Stephanus
In reply to @boelsrental:matrix.org
high on their own farts, confirmed :)
I spoke out experience because I was in moderation at multiple places years ago.
Most of the time you are the middle man between the community, the bigger animal (the owner or admins) and god (the folk owning the server and/or service) and that explains most ridicoulus decisions mainly stemming from the fact that everyone the ladder upwards is as such.
That being said, matrix is a godsent to me.
@boelsrental:matrix.orgboelsrentalhm. i came here to ask about radio devices. first question would be, what communication to use them for exactly.10:54:39
@boelsrental:matrix.orgboelsrentalmatrix godsent, why?, tried xmpp before?10:56:11
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos Stephanuslong story short (as much as I got to know and understand), it only brings you something if someone else is also sending and receiving. If you dont wanna go that far the run off the mill amateur CB-radio is more than enough. If you want to go further (or extremely far) you need a license in most places that also require a course where you learn everything. And also, with "far" i mean "hundreds of kilometers" kind of far with the use of repeaters and/or the right kind of equipment.11:02:16
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos Stephanus
In reply to @boelsrental:matrix.org
matrix godsent, why?, tried xmpp before?
its gaining popularity (though slowly), is technologically interesting and most importantly: federalized with no real central authority.
Never heard of xmpp before but will look it up.
@waldo3777:matrix.orgwaldo3777Hamm radios are good to use14:44:22
@boelsrental:matrix.orgboelsrentaltoday one needs some sort of encryption15:06:28
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos StephanusNo problem, as far as I am concerned encryption was well established in the 80s with that.15:15:18
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos StephanusMatter of fact it wasnt so long ago that the german army ordered quite a few units of tech built exactly to the blueprints of that era.15:16:21
@mrsteve:arkmuse.orgMagos StephanusI mean I am laughing hard at that for other reasons but point is, its deemed good enough by them. How that info should be treatedis another story but its a point.15:17:27
12 Oct 2021
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15 Oct 2021
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