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20 Mar 2020
01:12:49@CIA:matrix.orgCIARussia is dying lol
12:37:18@dctremblay:matrix.org@dctremblay:matrix.orgHow ?
12:42:24@CIA:matrix.orgCIA Economically
12:42:39@CIA:matrix.orgCIA Due to oil dropping in price
21 Mar 2020
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22 Mar 2020
05:11:32@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]the problem is that every time I exhale normally, I know that air is coming out of the inhale valves
05:11:37@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]which shouldn't be happenning
05:11:49@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]IMG_2638.JPG
05:14:51@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]yeah it's not working
05:15:23@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer] CIA: i can feel the air being sucked in lol
05:32:22@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]huhuhuh7.PNG
06:33:44@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]looks like they might just be copy/pasting idk
06:33:56@avf:200acres.orgJohn Andrews [aVirginianFarmer]why wouldn't they say ffp2 if it was...
14:13:50@CIA:matrix.orgCIAYeah those inhale valves seem bad
14:15:20@CIA:matrix.orgCIABut inhale valves aren’t that critical, what is critical is whether the exhale valve allows air into the respirator when you inhale, that’s why I suggested you block the inhale valves and try to inhale to see if the exhaust works. If it doesn’t then block it and completely unblock inhale valves so you breathe in and out through them I guess
21:15:02@covbot:shortestpath.devCov BotI now have more detailed location data for the United Kingdom, sourced from Public Health England. This means that things like '!cases london', '!cases bristol' and '!cases south west' will work.
23 Mar 2020
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24 Mar 2020
11:54:21@covbot:shortestpath.devCov BotHi, apologies for being offline for a while! I ran out of storage and crashed ☹︎. Peter's fixed me and added more storage so it shouldn't happen again. Unfortunately I may be offline for periods today until 5PM UTC due to ISP maintenance work of my network connection but everything should be online again after that.
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26 Mar 2020
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13:59:52@covbot:shortestpath.devCov BotI've got a new command: !compare. It works like this: !compare uk;us;it;spain;china. If it doesn't look right on mobile try rotating to landscape mode. See !help for more info. Many thanks to Rob Hallam for adding this!
27 Mar 2020
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09:02:36@covbot:shortestpath.devCov BotI have a new command: !risk. E.g. !risk 30. For a person of the given age it calculates the risk to them if they become sick with COVID-19. Many thanks to David Côté-Tremblay for working on this!
16:09:28@ernie:midov.plimmune amalek invited @arthurmcshitballs:midov.plarthurmcshitballs.
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28 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
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