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21 Feb 2021
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22 Feb 2021
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23 Feb 2021
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25 Feb 2021
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@xyzzzz:matrix.orgzipp0anyone have a list of long lasting food, preferably cheap-ish?20:58:43
@teslas_moustache:matrix.orgChrisPumpkin seeds.21:07:23
@teslas_moustache:matrix.orgChrisYa know, beans, rice, dried fruit21:09:37
@xyzzzz:matrix.orgzipp0i've read rice should be with oxygen absorber, but is this really neccessary? I don't think we have that in EU21:17:25
@xyzzzz:matrix.orgzipp0so maybe i should repackage the rice with oxygen absorber? but not sure if the date changes if I open the ricebag21:18:24
@teslas_moustache:matrix.orgChrisIDK. I mean, nothing lasts forever. You can keep a bag of rice around for a long time without anything. Depends on what you're doing I guess.21:36:38
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA zipp0: because nobody expects you to keep it forever, alternatively you can probably poison it with nitrogen like potato chips 22:38:02
26 Feb 2021
@xyzzzz:matrix.orgzipp0I didnt say forever. I primarily want to get food that can last 5-10 years, stored in my basement. At the moment the food I have will expire every 2-3 years. 11:10:27
@teslas_moustache:matrix.orgChrisAh, gotcha.14:46:27
@teslas_moustache:matrix.orgChrisSo, if not oxygen absorbers, could you get by with desiccant packets?16:04:08
@xyzzzz:matrix.orgzipp0im not sure what the difference is tbh18:48:19
@teslas_moustache:matrix.orgChrisMe neither19:15:47
@cactusclub:matrix.orgcactusclubYou want something that keeps forever, get honey23:55:02
@cactusclub:matrix.orgcactusclub5 to 10 years, probably most freeze dried foods23:55:51
27 Feb 2021
@cactusclub:matrix.orgcactusclubCanned food will spoil in 4 to 5 years but because of the container itself, not the food00:02:27
@cactusclub:matrix.orgcactusclubBetter shelf life if you get them in glass jars00:02:57
28 Feb 2021
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1 Mar 2021
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2 Mar 2021
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3 Mar 2021
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6 Mar 2021
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