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11 Oct 2023
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10 Oct 2023
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11 Oct 2023
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18 Oct 2023
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19 Oct 2023
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26 Oct 2023
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2 Nov 2023
Download F96EpFYW8AA6HUR.jpg

that true and that why they dont teach growing stuff at school nor repair stuff cuz it against economic state also trying to buy less thing and people will reject you... so preppers for yourself or search for a community

preppers is also building good friendshio with other so you can get help when you miss something

5 Nov 2023
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10 Nov 2023
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@wstrnczar:matrix.orgHTX.CoupleRather interesting platform tbh!07:32:03
11 Nov 2023
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14 Nov 2023
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19 Nov 2023
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22 Nov 2023
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23 Nov 2023
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25 Nov 2023
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29 Nov 2023
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sent an image.
Everybody in this picture looks like an FBI agent.
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6 Dec 2023
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18 Dec 2023
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