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18 Dec 2018
04:28:47@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I I just obttain an error message with an assertion failed with a vector erase iteration out of range without more details
04:31:29@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I and this quite unuseful backtrace
04:33:34@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I think looks like xmp is doing something strange here... (tested with the test case from issue so no modules here)
04:34:23@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapena EN.I#3279, please try with other threads too
04:35:07@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapenabut well, there are random calls there, so probably something breaks when shutting down stuff
04:36:27@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapenalet me try with the linux pr
04:39:09@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I I didn't discarded that maybe is just my computer... I dunno... If someone can test if it crashes too
04:39:58@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876ENI are you playing your test case?
04:40:22@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I Yes
04:40:59@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I But in my case crashes always even with game browser when exit (sorry just turn off the pc =
04:41:05@_discord_309484305539661835:t2bot.ioEN.I )
04:41:27@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876 I'll try it on linux with valgrind
04:43:32@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876Well nothing on my side
04:43:42@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876Except a bug in transition.cpp, but that looks unrelated
04:44:38@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876 Don't think I'm using xmp though
04:47:55@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 opened pull request 1584 of Player "Fix uninitialized Transition::screen_erase": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1584
04:48:56@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapena^ thanks to valgrind
04:55:21@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 commented on issue Player#985[✘]: "HH3: some sounds, animations, actions (events?) not appearing or appearing incorrectly" - https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/issues/985#issuecomment-448096283
04:55:21@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > I did some more testing here. All of the original issues are fixed (except autobattle, but thats a separate topic). However, there are still more problems with this battle - [ ] Shake screen on damage…
05:13:41@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 updated pull request 1573 of Player "Refactor Battle2k console and action state machine": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1573
06:06:05@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 commented on pull request Player#1573[✘]: "Refactor Battle2k console and action state machine" - https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1573#issuecomment-448107494
06:06:05@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > I have found more regressions here. This will need more testing.
08:45:03@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] carstene1ns approved pull request 1579 of Player "Regression Fix: RTP table mapping japanese <-> other": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1579#pullrequestreview-185955703
08:46:59@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] carstene1ns approved pull request 1584 of Player "Fix uninitialized Transition::screen_erase": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1584#pullrequestreview-185956401
08:46:59@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > Good find.
09:07:01@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] Ghabry commented on pull request Player#1584[✘]: "Fix uninitialized Transition::screen_erase" - https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1584#issuecomment-448148082
09:07:01@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > ASAN did not find this :(
12:57:08@freenode_Ghabrz:matrix.orgGhabrz semi-ot: qemu can use pulseaudio directly for sound, have to try this, maybe isn't broken as spice: http://mathiashueber.com/virtual-machine-audio-setup-get-pulse-audio-working/
13:07:09@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] Br4ssman opened issue 1585 of Player: "Events with Spin restarts their animation when write any command and interact with it." - https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/issues/1585

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