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14 Jul 2020
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK Hope rpg emu can evolve further to overcome these obstacles 20:36:38
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranadding more engines may take years20:37:57
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK I mean we're at 2020, aside the disastrous half a year due to lockdown , i see not much improvement towards the progression 20:37:17
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK Guess gotta wait a few years more 20:37:24
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFraneasyrpg player still does not fully support rpg maker 200x after more than 10 years20:38:36
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFran(few things remain, not really much compared to progress so far)20:39:16
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK Real shame 20:39:42
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranthis is hard because the original engine is closed source and make it work as the original is tricky20:40:42
@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001[Twitter] New tweet by Extra Dip Boneless (https://twitter.com/diplomatista67/status/1283137322708537347):20:42:04
@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > @EasyRPG Seekers of the Sun 20:42:04
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK I did have some high hopes toward neko 20:41:56
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK But it seems they stopped progressing any results since 2018 20:42:18
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK And it's shame cuz there's some modern rpg game that would be great if playable on phone 20:42:40
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK Like president yukino 20:42:45
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranViolated Heroine works with EasyRPG Player20:44:09
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranthere are some attempts for RGSS games working out of the box, though20:45:27
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFran(xp, vx, vx ace)20:45:39
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFrandue to the broken Ruby script nature, they require separated Ruby interpreters for each RGSS version (at least XP requires Rubyv1.8)20:47:05
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranthat makes hard to build an Android interpreter20:47:31
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranwe mentioned before there was a project somewhere supporting multiple rpg engines, but not available on google play and we forgot the project name20:48:50
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranit is a promising one because it is open source20:49:48
@_discord_348089114404323328:matrix.easyrpg.orgJacK Is that project Neko RPG or a different one? 20:51:27
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranfound it20:53:57
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranit supports rgss1/2/3 (xp, vx, vxace) and ren'py20:54:47
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranrgss powered by mkxp20:55:01
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranmkxp is an interpreter like easyrpg player but for those rpg maker versions20:55:30
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFrantry it, any feedback is welcome so we could recommend it later20:57:40
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranyou need: joiplay + joyplay rpg maker plugin20:59:47
@fdelapena:matrix.orgFranit seems to provide an autonatic rtp downloader by itself21:01:31

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