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18 Nov 2019
02:55:56@freenode_JenkinsRPG:matrix.orgJenkinsRPGYippee, build fixed!
02:55:56@freenode_JenkinsRPG:matrix.orgJenkinsRPG Project liblcf for Nintendo 3DS build #141: FIXED in 50 sec: https://ci.easyrpg.org/job/liblcf-3ds/141/
02:59:34@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapenaso it was found by binary diff / xml ?
02:59:56@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876beyond compare + LCF_DEBUG_TRACE
03:10:34@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 updated pull request 1942 of Player "Fixes for KeyInputProc, Pan Screen, and Save Games": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1942
03:17:19@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876All the SuperCrystal Hunter bugs have fixes now, except the transitions one

really cool


by the way, are delays allowing to preload/process stuff in the meanwhile?

03:18:40@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 updated pull request 343 of liblcf "Parser optimizations": https://github.com/EasyRPG/liblcf/pull/343
03:19:11@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 commented on pull request liblcf#343[✘]: "Parser optimizations" - https://github.com/EasyRPG/liblcf/pull/343#issuecomment-554833819
03:19:12@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > Rebased to master
03:19:29@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876They are always 60 frames or 20 frames
03:19:38@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876Maybe RPG_RT added them for the purpose of loading, not sure
03:20:37@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876They do seem to improve the pacing though, I kind of like having them
03:25:54@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876 We still have platforms we can't use threads right?

hm, at least sdl likely uses threads somehow, no idea on non-sdl platforms


well, https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/blob/master/builds/libretro/CMakeLists.txt#L19

03:29:00@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876 What about emscripten nowadays? I know it didn't work before?

the new llvm backend has better support for them it seems, also solves all the loop stuff annoyances


but as far as I know there is some threading support since a while for emscripten

03:30:57@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fmatthew5876 commented on pull request Player#1916[✘]: "Speedup Startup + RTP detection" - https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1916#issuecomment-554835947
03:31:00@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 > With the delays added in #1940, maybe there is a possibility to use them to our advantage. In most cases, I would expect the title screen, system graphic, and title music to be included in the game as…
03:33:08@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876Async loading with threads seems like a no brainer to me
03:33:18@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876We could even seek the database to only the pieces needed for title screen
03:33:25@freenode_fmatthew5876:matrix.orgfmatthew5876and then async load the rest while the user is in the menu
03:43:05@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapenathere was some recent misinterpretation on how fullpackageflag was working in Player with RTP, if the game was lacking files even with FullPackageFlag, then it tries to fallback to RTP search, which is interesting
03:43:12@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapenaPlayer was failing with that
03:44:43@freenode_fdelapena:matrix.orgfdelapenaand it seems there are quite a few broken games with weird behavior due to this
03:56:41@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fdelapena approved pull request 1933 of Player "Fix battle event battle animation crash": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1933#pullrequestreview-318089229
04:00:55@freenode_EV0001:matrix.orgEV0001 [GitHub] fdelapena approved pull request 1940 of Player "Add RPG_RT compatible scene delays": https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/pull/1940#pullrequestreview-318089999

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