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14 Dec 2022
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 worse comes to worse, bury some black iron pipe and run an extension cord? 😄 15:54:18
@_discord_427288537000312841:t2bot.ioRodrigo-VA3LRS joined the room.19:31:55
15 Dec 2022
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 Not such a bad idea except digging the trench might be a bit problematic with all the granite in the ground 01:33:03
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16 Dec 2022
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 lets hope this snow stops before tomorrows dinner 12:04:20
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 Snow? 12:36:49
@_discord_781496049059627048:t2bot.ioKevin W4KJP What is all this talk about snow? 12:43:56
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 Apparently Bonnie is getting snow a couple hundred feet away from my house. All I've seen is rain so far. 12:47:54
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 ummmm it's snowing pretty good right now 12:48:45
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 but It is worse in Manchester so thats where my thinking was at 12:49:29
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 https://newengland511.org/map/Cctv/2A272D4425C0455DF1F9C7394237556B722CFA20--5 12:59:58
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 That's I95 SB mile marker 10 13:00:24
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 I95 is closer to the coast. this storm is inland right now but moving to the coast line at or around midnight 13:00:56
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 I'll believe it when I see it! 13:01:54
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 you home or at the office 13:02:12
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 ? 13:02:16
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 I'm at work 13:02:33
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 oh well I'm heading out with the snow blower in about an hour 13:02:59
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511Download 20221216_080408.mp413:04:51
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 Psh, that's not snow 13:05:11
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 now you see it lol 13:05:13
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 Barely even a flurry 13:05:16
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 your funny 13:05:31
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 I can still see the road 13:05:35
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 road is slush 13:05:41
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv#7570 But it's still visible 13:05:52
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioN1IIM - Bonnie#7511 it keeps flipping back and forth 13:05:56

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