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21 Jul 2019
18:18:53@daniel-molina:matrix.orgdaniel-molinaHaha, yes, I am getting addicted to the cooler
24 Jul 2019
In reply to @alexgleason:matrix.org
sent an image.
this goes for the majority of libre developers vs people who actually make games
09:29:27@hythlodaeus:matrix.orghythlodaeusmost free software people are programmers who can spend hours circlejerking around a new engine feature
09:30:12@hythlodaeus:matrix.orghythlodaeuswithout making anything playable at all
17:43:15@m0dese7en:matrix.orgm0dese7enGreat meme
25 Jul 2019
05:52:54@strato:matrix.orgstratoGodot Alchemy.gif
Godot Alchemy.gif
05:53:04@strato:matrix.orgstratoI'm really liking godot so far
05:54:32@strato:matrix.orgstrato(art is all open source stuff, I only made the animation)
11:21:24@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex That's so awesome!!
22:37:36@m0dese7en:matrix.orgm0dese7en@strato:matrix.org: Awesome! I would like to build something using godot as well
29 Jul 2019
00:08:42@strato:matrix.orgstratohttp://www.squidi.net/three/index.php anyone need some game ideas
00:13:01@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexWow, that's an awesome resource!
00:19:03@strato:matrix.orgstratohttp://www.squidi.net/three/entry.php?id=64 I like this one
00:20:21@strato:matrix.orgstratostratego + tactics game
00:30:53@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexThat's super cool, I'd been thinking about doing something similar to Guess Who: https://gitlab.com/voadi/voadi.com/issues/6
30 Jul 2019
03:09:15@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Controversy is good: https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/cjhsnt/til_when_rockstar_first_released_grand_theft_auto/
31 Jul 2019
16:50:48@eaterjolly:matrix.orgeaterjolly strato: you could apply an undertale ACT to that mechanic.
1 Aug 2019
12:29:08@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexThis is weird
12:31:12@hythlodaeus:matrix.orghythlodaeushow so
12:32:11@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexBecause 1) why is xbox so big? 2) this is like the political climate of video games 3) PC 4) other stuff
13:08:49@hythlodaeus:matrix.orghythlodaeusthe xbox has always been big in the states
13:09:02@hythlodaeus:matrix.orghythlodaeusit has marketing benefits being an american product after all
13:09:11@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexThat's a good point
13:09:14@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexAnd also being made by M$
13:09:21@hythlodaeus:matrix.orghythlodaeusit barely sells in japan for the same reason
13:58:28@m0dese7en:matrix.orgm0dese7enI love that there is a key to tell you what the symbols mean.
25 Aug 2019
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